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Scenario 26


"Well, we decided not to make a big deal about designating parents as a primary or secondary audience. Instead, we spent a lot of time talking about potential behaviors to change.

You know? Between the literature search and the formative research, it looks like we've got a pretty good list.

  • Turn TV off during mealtimes.
  • Watch less TV after school.
  • Remove TV from all bedrooms.
  • Monitor TV time.
  • Limit TV time.
  • Schedule TV shows to watch as a family.
  • Serve or eat only healthy snacks while watching TV.
  • Establish family rules for TV time.
  • Schedule alternative family activities to replace TV watching.

Some of the planning committee members want to address all of the TV-related behaviors we've discussed. Their thinking is that different behaviors will be important to different families and by addressing all of them, we're providing options. But, there are a couple of people (parents themselves) that keep bringing up the point that asking parents to do all of these behaviors can be overwhelming."