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Scenario 25


"We finally agreed that the audience segment will be children ages 4-7 in households with no current rules about TV watching.

However, now the planning team can't decide on a secondary audience. We thought we had it figured out: children as primary audience and parents as the secondary audience, but now Bob is adamant that we include parents as part of our primary audience. We've spent lots of time discussing this. Bob keeps saying that you have to change the parents before you can change the children.

I just don't see why this is so important to Bob. It's confusing because we really want both the parents and children to change.

I've asked Dan to help us out. He suggested that we not get so caught up in trying to figure out whether parents are a primary or a secondary audience. Apparently, this is a common issue when people are designing programs with young children. Instead, he said we should focus on the implications this has for our program, especially which behavior we are asking of our audience."