Social Marketing
Nutrition and Physical Activity


Make Strategy Decisions

IV: Strategy for ChangeCompetition and Exchange

You may want to create what's called an exchange table. This is a 2-column table where you write down everything you think the audience is giving up to adopt the behavior in one column, and everything they will gain in the other column. Lining up the benefits and barriers this way can give you a complete picture of the exchange you'd like to see, and if it is a feasible proposition.

For example:

Audience: Middle-aged women who are not confident of their ability to be physically active but have some social support.
Behavior: Be physically active for 30 minutes each day with a friend.
Audience Gives Up:
  • Time (at least 30 minutes).
  • Money (to purchase new clothes or shoes).
Audience Receives:
  • More confidence in ability to be active.
  • Feeling more energetic.
  • Increased connection with friends.
Social Marketer Gets: Improved health of audience.