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Nutrition and Physical Activity


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III: BehaviorChoose a Behavior

How audience segment can affect behavior choice:

Broad Behavior Segments Specific Behavior
Eating more fruits and vegetables Segment 1: Currently eats most meals at home. Eats fruits with breakfast and vegetables with dinner meal, but still not enough to meet government recommendations. Add one serving of fruits or vegetables to the lunchtime meal
Segment 2: Currently eats most meals outside the home. Eats fruits and vegetables rarely. Choose meals with fruit or vegetable options while eating out.
Getting more physical activity Segment 1: Working parents of young children who have limited amounts of time to be physically active during morning or evening hours because they need to take care of children. Spend 30 minutes of lunch hour walking around the office building.
Segment 2: Parents of school age children who want to spend more quality time together as a family. Spend 30 minutes in the evening playing active games outside with children.
Breastfeeding Segment 1: Women who give birth without having made up their minds about whether or not they'll breastfeed their newborns, but are open to the idea. Do not accept formula samples at hospital after birth of child.
Segment 2: Women who have decided to breastfeed but have difficulties after leaving the hospital. Call a lactation consultant when having problems.
Reducing television watching Segment 1: Families with a TV in their child's bedroom when the child starts school and who believe that excess TV can impact school performance. Remove the TV from child's bedroom.
Segment 2: Families who consistently watch TV during mealtimes. Turn the TV off during mealtimes.