Social Marketing
Nutrition and Physical Activity


Make Strategy Decisions

III: BehaviorChoose a Behavior

The "ideal behaviors" are those identified in guidelines, recommendations or documents like the Healthy People goals and objectives. While you can plan for long-term outcomes that meet the ideal goals, short term behavioral objectives should fall somewhere between baseline behaviors and the ideal, unless the target audience's current behaviors are very close to the ideal.

Also, you must choose an actual behavior, and not just knowledge or attitudes. Changes in knowledge or attitudes may precede behavior change, but should not be the end goal of a social marketing program. The nutrition and physical activity behaviors that you will probably be working with are permanent, complex lifestyle changes, which are more difficult to change than single actions or simple, repeated actions.

If you are using the Strategy Development Worksheet, add your data to the Formative Research Results column and use them to choose a "Behavior to Recommend."