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Scenario 21


"Well… I might as well admit that this research has been taking up most of my time recently. We've done a couple of groups and have two more scheduled for next week. I'm looking forward to getting those done and getting the final report with the data analysis back from Wellington Data.

Even though we had them manage all of the data collection including providing a location and moderating the groups, I have still been overseeing their progress. I must say though, they've been great about involving staff and coalition members. They encouraged all of us to come and observe the focus groups and provide feedback.

Bob was funny. We had to bribe him to come to the first focus group with promises of food, but he actually said he was glad he came. I think it was eye-opening to him and he realized that the parents in our audience don't quite think about things or care about the same things we do.

There's one thing about working with Wellington Data that has bothered me, though. They seemed inflexible. They never stray from the instrument when asking questions to participants. I just wonder if we're getting as much out of these focus groups as we should be getting. What do you think?"