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Scenario 19


"Hi. It's been awhile since the last time we talked and we've been busy! We looked at all of our research questions and decided we needed to answer them with three different methods: key informant interviews with community leaders, observations of families, and focus groups with parents and children.

Bob had a contact at Wellington University who set us up with a graduate student in their MPH program. We hired the student to conduct the key informant interviews and to organize and conduct observations of different families to see how they interact with TV. He's done a great job with these projects and the results have helped us answer a few of our research questions. Most importantly, the results helped us to narrow our audience segment to children aged 4—7 years, and they will be useful when we write up our decision in the summary report.

We're planning to answer the rest of the research questions with focus groups. Luckily for us, we found out that we have some year-end money that needs to be spent very soon. Dr. Richards suggested we contract with a local market research firm, Wellington Data, to conduct the focus groups."