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Scenario 15


"We spent our whole committee meeting this week talking about the behavior and identifying gaps in this area. Bob thinks reducing TV screen time is specific enough for our behavior change. Thankfully, Dan joined our meeting via conference call and did a great job explaining why we need to be as specific as possible when it comes to choosing a behavior. We're finally making some progress.

We'd like to know what children in Wellington are doing now with regards to TV and other screen time. In keeping with the American Academy of Pediatrics' recommendations about screen time for children, it's clear that too much TV watching contributes to health problems. We have ideas of some specific behaviors from the literature and other interventions, for example, removing televisions from children's bedrooms, turning the television off during mealtimes, and developing rules about how much television children can watch. However, it's clear to me that we are still missing data that is specific to our audience here in Wellington. We don't know what people are willing to change."