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Nutrition and Physical Activity


Scenario 13


"We've started with the problem. We know that obesity is a health problem and it's certainly an issue in Wellington. We listed what we know about the obesity problem from existing data, and we concluded that we don't have any major gaps in this area. But, I'll need your help later when we start talking about our audience gaps."

Key Decisions What we know (existing data) What we don't know (information gaps) Formative Research Questions
What is the problem?
Anything else we need to know?
  • Obesity is the health problem.
  • How big the health problem is in Wellington and Heartland (obesity prevalence rates and disease statistics).
  • BMI levels on elementary school children in Wellington (from Wellington Healthcare Association).
  • Connection between TV watching and obesity, especially in children (literature).
  • We don't have gaps in this area.