Social Marketing
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Step 1: Analyze Information Gaps

II. Target audienceII: Target Audience

Reasons for Segmenting
One reason to segment an audience is to do more with limited resources. While we hope that dollars are plentiful, in reality, budgets often affect how much you can accomplish with a particular program. Therefore, it is important to focus the resources you do have on making a difference for a smaller audience, rather than spending it trying to reach such a broad audience that your effect on any one person is minimal.

Another reason to segment is to increase the effectiveness of your program. CDCynergy offers the following advice: "The more your program strategy can be tailored to meet an audience segment's unique wants or needs, the more likely the audience segment will respond positively. This focus on the audience and the delivery of something of unique value to them is what enhances marketing effectiveness. Different audience segments will have different wants and needs so determining which segments to target and how to do so lies at the heart of social marketing."