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Step 3: Choose Data Collection Method(s)

How to Choose a Method

You may need several different data collection methods to answer the complete list of research questions. Most likely, a question can be effectively answered with a variety of methods, so you'll probably have several options.

Specifically you must decide:

Where will you obtain the answer?
If you are able to take a fresh look at secondary sources and get an answer to your question, then do so. It will save your money for the questions where you need do to do your own research. Try checking with your stakeholders and partners to see if they have unpublished reports.

Who should answer?
The most appropriate people to answer your research questions could be key informants or local experts, members of the target audience, policymakers, or someone else altogether. You should also determine if there are specific characteristics to look for in someone who will help answer your research questions. You will use these characteristics to screen potential participants when recruiting them to participate.