Social Marketing
Nutrition and Physical Activity


Step 1: Analyze Information Gaps

III. BehaviorIII: Behavior

Here are some examples of more specific behaviors that could come from broad behaviors

Broad Behavior Specific Behaviors
Eat more fruits and vegetables 1. Choose fruit or vegetable options in the vending machine over candy or other high-fat snacks. 2. Eat a piece of fruit or some vegetables as a mid-day snack. 3. Purchase fruits and vegetables from a local farmer's market.
Do more physical activity 1. Join a sports team. 2. Use lunch hour to walk on trail near office. 3. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
Watch less TV 1. Turn off the TV during mealtimes. 2. Remove TV from bedrooms. 3. Establish and enforce rules limiting TV time.

These are not objectives yet, they will need to be refined and reworded to create behavioral objectives. Also, your choice of specific behavior(s) depends on your choice of audience. Some behaviors will make more sense than others. You may not be able to fully make that choice until you complete some formative research and get information from the audience.