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Scenario 16

RosaQuestion 1. Will knowing this information help me make a decision for the program?
"Yes, I think so. We have a general idea of what the barriers are for people, but really donít know much about the people in our community."

Question 2. Do we have the means to fill this gap?
"Yes, we do. I think we can figure out a way to at least informally ask some people what their barriers might be, depending on the rest of our research questions."

Question 3. Can an answer be found in the literature?
"I wasnít sure about this. There are quite a few articles in the literature about barriers to change, but none of them tell me about the people in Wellington specifically."

Question 4. Can we answer this by re-analyzing existing data?
"Definitely not. We donít have any data that pertains to barriers to reducing TV time."

Question 5. Can we reach the individuals who are able to fill this gap?
"Yes, Iím pretty sure we can figure out a way to talk to some parents and maybe even children."

Look at Rosa's answers above and determine if Rosa should keep or delete this gap. How would you advise Rosa?

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