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Nutrition and Physical Activity


Scenario 8


"I held my ground with the coalition on the problem description. I'm glad too, because once I explained the reasons for describing the problem (and how it will keep us on track), they were on board. But, I know we need to keep this project moving to keep them happy. I talked with Dan and he suggested that we form a planning committee to make sure we get input from everyone who is involved. I made some inquiries and got started. We have a nutrition expert and a physical activity expert on my team already, so they were logical choices.

I also requested some time from one of the epidemiologists within our branch. She has agreed to help us out with data collection for the problem description.

And, you'll be proud of me. I'm going to bring in an evaluation expert from the very beginning, not as a tack-on gesture at the end. Her name is Tiffany. I've met her before—she's young and really motivated, and from what I hear, she's excited to be a part of the committee.

Finally, because we need input from the Wellington Community Coalition, their director, Bob Lee, has agreed to join the planning committee. I'm a little bit worried about him. He's a good friend of Dr. Richards, and I'm afraid he'll have some of the same objections."