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Nutrition and Physical Activity


Scenario 7


"We are developing this intervention as a pilot project in the community of Wellington, mostly because that's where our offices are located, and it will be easier for me to oversee a project in my own community. In addition, we have some established partnerships with organizations in Wellington who I hope can help us plan. The most important of those partnerships is with the Wellington Community Coalition. I'm meeting with them next week. This is a coalition of people who are the real movers and shakers in Wellington, and I know they're very concerned about our obesity problem, especially in children, and they want to see some action.

Once I tell them what we've got in mind, I know they'll want to be a part of it, and they'll want to hit the ground running. I have a feeling they'll want to get busy with some activities right away.

I know the problem description phase is really important, but I'm afraid they won't be willing to take the time to do it. They could be a great partner for this intervention. What should I do?"