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Scenario 12


"Well… Dr. Richards is happy because we're targeting children.

Of course, Bob was able to say 'I told you so,' because we ended up where we had started, but I think he realized that our discussions helped to create a strong rationale for our choices of both audience and behavior.

Our whole planning committee is in agreement, which came in handy when we fielded a call from one member of the coalition who was upset that we didn't choose to focus on breastfeeding. We really needed to use that rationale to explain why we chose what we did. And, having that can only position us well when we reapply for funding.

Reducing TV screen time is turning out to be a challenging behavior choice, though. We have some general information in the literature about children's and families' attitudes towards TV time, but don't have many specifics from our community. We are also still not sure yet what specific behavior (within the broad category of TV/screen time reduction) we want our audience to change. But, I think we've thoroughly looked at available literature and current research on this topic. Take a look at our problem description draft, (PDF-61k) if you'd like.

Have we done everything we can to continue to the next phase?"