Social Marketing
Nutrition and Physical Activity


Scenario 10


"Hi! I need your help now with researching our possible audiences.

Dr. Richards wants the department to show that we are addressing the epidemic of childhood obesity. Several of our stakeholders want us to target children. We have great partnerships with many organizations who work with children and their parents, so I think that access will be pretty easy. So, it seems as though we are most likely going to do something that targets children.

Based on what I'm learning though, I think it might be a wise decision to identify some criteria for an audience and then make sure we explore all of our options for potential audiences to make sure we don't miss something.

I'm having a hard time getting my planning team to look at other audience possibilities—especially Bob Lee. Like most of the Wellington coalition members, he wants to see action right away and is used to what Dan calls 'expert-driven' planning. He thinks we always know what's best and should be able to make decisions based on what we already know. I can hear him right now…"