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Plan Components for the Problem Description

II. Target audienceII. Target Audience

Identify Potential Broad Target Audiences
There isn't always an easy answer for which audience to choose. At some point, you may need to pick a couple of possibilities and provide a good rationale for your choices. The groups you prioritize will become your potential broad target audiences.

You may already know (or have been told) the audience you should target. If so, consider establishing criteria to verify that choice is a good selection. Also, you may need to target a more narrow audience than what you were told. For example, if eliminating health disparities is part of your organization's mission, you may need to work with a minority group. However, an ethnic or racial group isn't a specific enough audience. You'll need to segment them or narrow down to a more homogeneous group them, but that step will come later.

At this point, your information about these groups is probably still general, but the preliminary decisions you make now focus to your literature searches and other secondary data collection as you move forward.