Social Marketing
Nutrition and Physical Activity


Social Marketing Planning Process

Expectations for Planning

You begin the process by making fairly broad decisions. As you gather more information, you will focus and refine those decisions. At the end you will have

  • A specific target audience.
  • A specific behavior you want the audience to adopt.
  • Specific strategies to promote that behavior.

All of these decisions are based on what you know and learn about your audience.

photo montage of a man giving a presentation, a man on a bike, and a man doing researchLike any good planning process, social marketing takes some time and energy. Assembling a team of people with a variety of skills and knowledge can provide additional resources and support as you move forward. People with skills in the following areas can be very helpful

  • Research design and analysis.
  • Epidemiology.
  • Behavioral theory.
  • Program planning.
  • Evaluation.

Also, you may want to include people with knowledge of your target audience, your community, and the topics you plan to address (i.e., nutrition, physical activity).