Social Marketing
Nutrition and Physical Activity


Definitions of Key Terms*

Throughout this course you will frequently encounter certain key terms used in social marketing. Review the following definitions to familiarize yourself with these terms:

photo of a couple buying produceBehavioral objective:
A written description of the aim or goal you have for the specific behavior you want the target audience to take. It should be a clear, specific, measurable, and feasible action.

Intervention strategy:
A guiding plan of action for the social marketing program. The intervention strategy (also called market strategy) encompasses

  • Specific target audience segment(s).
  • Specific behavior change goal.
  • Benefits of the desired behavior to promote.
  • Costs and barriers to behavior change that will be minimized.
  • The marketing mix (product, price, place, and promotion).
  • Activities that will influence or support behavior change.

A complete list of terms and their definitions can be found in the glossary.

*Definitions adapted from CDCynergy: Social Marketing Edition