Social Marketing
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Social Marketing Planning Process

Main Components of a Social Marketing Plan

Throughout the social marketing planning process, several concepts reoccur in many of the phases. The plan components, as they are called here, are the problem/health issue, target audience, behavior, and strategy for change. As you proceed through the phases of the planning process, you will revisit these components and make decisions about each, gradually becoming more and more specific as you move forward.

Plan Component
Questions to Ask and Answer
I. Problem/health issueI. Problem/health issue
What is the problem we need to address?
II. Target audienceII. Target audience
Who is affected by the problem and how can they be reached?
III. Behavioral objectivesIII. Behavior
What do we want the audience to do?
IV. Strategies for changeIV. Strategies for change
How can we get the target audience to adopt the desired behavior(s)?