Social Marketing
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Check Your Knowledge

The following questions are provided to help you review the content presented in the Basics of Social Marketing module.

  1. Key terms in social marketing include the following: (check all that apply)
 Qualitative analysis
 Formative research
 Media advocacy
 Target audience


  2. Which of the following would be the best definition of social marketing?
 Social Marketing is the use of cognitive behavioral theory to encourage a target audience to change their behavior.
 Social Marketing is a strategy for influencing social behaviors to benefit communities.
  Social Marketing is the application of commercial marketing technologies to the analysis, planning, execution, and evaluation of programs designed to influence voluntary behavior of target audiences in order to improve their personal welfare and that of society.
 Social Marketing is the active promotion of products, which, if used, will improve society.


  3. The following combined elements are what make social marketing different from other strategies used to develop interventions:
  • Audience orientation
  • Audience segmentation
  • Influencing behavior change
  • Competition
  • Exchange
  • Marketing mix


 4. The marketing mix is another way of discussing the 4 P's. Select the correct word to match the definition.
    Product Price Place Promotion
  How to influence the audience to adopt the behavior.
  Where the audience gets or thinks about the behavior.
  What the audience gives up, barriers to adoption.
  What the audience gets; what you're trying to sell.


  5. How are social marketing plan components different from the six phases?
 Plan components aren't different. The plan components are the same as the first four phases.
 Plan components are concepts which reoccur throughout the phases of the social marketing planning process.
  Plan components refer to parts of a specific program whereas phases refer to the overall process used in social marketing.
 None of the above is correct.


 6. The Planning Questions document is a list of questions that can be referenced in various phases of the social marketing process.

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