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Overview of the CDC Growth Charts

The CDC Growth Chart Reference Population
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5. The CDC Growth Chart Reference Population

Infant Data in the CDC Growth Chart Reference

Slide showing Reference Data Sets: Birth to 36 Months

The new infant growth charts were developed using data from several sources. NHANES III provided weight, length, and head circumference data beginning at 2 months of age. NHANES II provided data beginning at 6 months of age and NHANES I provided data beginning at 12 months of age. Because national surveys did not collect data between birth and 2 months of age, supplemental data was used. These data included 1) birth data from U. S. vital statistics; 2) length and weight-for-length data from Missouri and Wisconsin birth certificates; 3) length data from infants between 0.5 and 4.5 months of age in the Pediatric Nutrition Surveillance System; and 4) head circumference measurements at birth from the Fels Longitudinal Study.