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Training Module: Using the BMI-for-Age Growth Charts

Accuracy of measurements
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Example 2:

Maria is an 8.5-year-old girl with a weight of 58.0 pounds and a height of 47.5 inches. Her BMI is 18.1. When plotted on the BMI-for-age chart for girls, her BMI falls between the 75th and 85th percentiles (shown by the purple dot).

  Example chart showing accurate and inaccurate plotting

Inaccurate Measurement

If her weight were measured or recorded inaccurately at 60.0 pounds (2.0 pounds above her actual weight of 58.0 pounds), her BMI-for-age would be 18.7 and fall on the 85th percentile (shown by the aqua dot), and thus, Maria would be considered overweight. An error in weight could occur if scales are not adequately maintained, standard protocol is not followed for weighing, or a recording error is made.



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