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Training Module: Using the BMI-for-Age Growth Charts

Steps to plot and interpret BMI-for-age
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12. Plotting and interpreting BMI-for-age using the Metric system

A Case Study of ‘Charlene'

 CorrectThat's correct.

Because Charlene is a normal 4-year old, a standing height was obtained. The appropriate chart to use is the ‘Girls 2 to 20 BMI-for-age' chart.

Step 3. Record the data

The data entry table on the clinical growth chart can be completed with information relevant to the growth chart. Enter the missing data on the Data Entry Table and then click the 'Submit' button.

Date of visit: 11/05/00
Child's age: 4
Weight: 18.3 kg
Height: 103.5 cm

   Date of visit