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Training Module: Using the BMI-for-Age Growth Charts

Steps to plot and interpret BMI-for-age
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11. Plotting and interpreting BMI-for-age by using the English system

A Case Study of ‘Charlene'

Step 1. Obtain accurate weights and height measurements

Charlene, a girl, comes in for a visit.

Here is Charlene's basic information:

Date of Birth (DOB): 10/30/96
Date of Visit (DOV): 11/5/00
Weight = 40 pounds 4 ounces
Height = 40 3/4 inches

Step 2. Select the appropriate growth chart

Based upon the above information, select a growth chart:

Boys 2 to 20 BMI-for-age

Girls 2 to 20 BMI-for-age

Boys 2 to 20 weight-for-age

Girls 2 to 20 weight-for-age

Boys 2 to 20 stature-for-age

Girls 2 to 20 stature-for-age