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Training Module: Using the BMI-for-Age Growth Charts

Steps to plot and interpret BMI-for-age
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11. Steps to plot and interpret BMI-for-age

The six steps outlined here to plot and interpret BMI-for-age are similar to those used for a general growth assessment.

Step 1:
Obtain accurate weight and height measurements.
Step 2:
Select the appropriate growth chart (based on the age and sex of the child being weighed and measured).
Step 3:
Record the data
Step 4:
Calculate BMI
Step 5:
Plot measurements
Step 6:
Interpret the plotted measurements

An instruction sheet on the Use and Interpretation of the WHO and CDC Growth Charts For Children from Birth to 20 Years in the United States contains detailed instructions for the above steps.

Example Case Study

The following case is an example of an anthropometric assessment of "Sam’s" physical growth by using the steps recommended to determine, plot, and interpret BMI-for-age. You can choose to view this example by using the metric system or the English system.

Case example using the metric system

Case example using the english system



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