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Access to Healthy Food: Challenges and Opportunities [PDF–3.10MB]

Policy brief provides an overview of key policy and legal strategies being pursued to reduce or prevent obesity by increasing access to healthy food

Access to Healthy Policy Options Brief [PDF–3.10MB]

Document provides public health advocates, policymakers, and community organizers with an overview of key policy and legal strategies being pursued to reduce or prevent obesity by increasing access to healthy food

Bringing People to Good Food and Good Food to People [PDF–3.5MB]

Presents recommendations for attracting and improving food retail by describing the challenges and successes in a Los Angeles neighborhood.

Containing the Growth of Spending in the U.S. Health System [PDF–530KB]

Reviews data on health care spending growth, reasons for persistently high health care rates, and estimates on how savings could be made through prevention and policy changes.

F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens America's Future [PDF–7.39MB]

Describes the growing threat that obesity presents for Americans, how obesity is linked to chronic diseases, and recommends policies to address the rise of obesity.

Healthy Corner Stores for Healthy New Orleans Neighborhoods [PDF–2.95MB]

Describes food access, the challenges for small stores to offer healthy foods, and strategies and tools (some included) for neighborhood advocates to improve access by partnering with corner store owners.

Healthy Eating, Active Communities, and Central California Regional Obesity Prevention Program [PDF–877KB]

Examines the outcomes and impact of an obesity prevention program on food and beverage environments, physical activity environments, and practices of health care providers, and evaluates student attitudes and behaviors after the program.

Healthy Planning 101 Webinar

Webinar that describes how land-use and zoning policies are being used to promote healthy eating and active living.

Healthy School Toolkit [PDF-898KB]

Guides teachers and other members of the school community in implementing The Food Trust's highly successful Comprehensive School Nutrition Policy Initiative.

Make a Difference at Your School! CDC Resources Can Help You Implement Strategies to Prevent Obesity Among Children and Adolescents [PDF–1.65MB]

Offers 10 strategies for schools to promote physical activity and healthy eating and take an active role in preventing childhood obesity.

Model Local Obesity Prevention Resolution [PDF–622KB]

Offers a model resolution that can help communities implement policies to address the obesity epidemic by improving physical activity environments, healthy food access, and disparities.

Obesity Prevention on a Budget: Low- and No-Cost Policy Options to Increase Healthy Eating and Active Living [PDF–2.39MB]

Presents a range of budget-conscious policy approaches that leverage existing resources and partnerships to reduce local obesity rates by increasing opportunities for healthy eating and physical activity.

Obesity Prevention Policies for Middle and High Schools: Are We Doing Enough?

Reviews state-level and district-level policies addressing nutrition and physical activity environments included in NASBE's State School Health Policy Database.

Recommended Community Strategies and Measurements to Prevent Obesity in the United States

Contains 24 recommended obesity prevention strategies focusing on environmental and policy level change initiatives that can be implemented by local government and school districts to promote healthy eating and active living.

Rural Obesity: Strategies to Support Rural Counties in Building Capacity [PDF–1.38MB]

Describes strategies that rural counties can use to build capacity for obesity prevention and provides recommendations about how the philanthropic community can help.

School Health Guidelines to Promote Healthy Eating and Physical Activity [PDF–973KB]

Presents key findings on physical activity environments for youth and provides information on how schools can play an active role in increasing physical activity and decreasing obesity rates.

Shaping Kentucky's Future: A Community Guide to Reducing Obesity / Local Success Stories [PDF–2.62MB]

Report features stories of Kentuckians who have made physical activity and healthy eating easier and more accessible and sustainable in their communities.

The Grocery Gap: Who Has Access to Healthy Food and Why It Matters [PDF–4.9MB]

Presents findings and policy implications from 132 studies on food access and identifies lack of access to fresh, healthy food in low-income communities, communities of color, and rural areas.

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