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Training & Education - Treatment & Management

Treatment and Management

Treatment and ManagementEarly detection of iron overload and hemochromatosis treatment can delay or prevent irreversible complications and prolong life. Phlebotomy, the treatment of choice, is relatively easy, safe, and inexpensive.

"While scientists struggle to understand the molecular subtleties of hemochromatosis, the clinical treatment of the disorder remains remarkably primitive: serial phlebotomy. Removing about a pint of blood a week can prevent excess iron from accumulating, and if started early enough, can often reverse disease symptoms."

David A. Shaywitz, MD, PhD
Harvard Medical School
Massachusetts General Hospital
New York Times 2003
Content in this module includes:
  • Phlebotomy treatment and its benefits.
  • Mechanisms of phlebotomy.
  • Planning and monitoring the phlebotomy regimen.
  • Compliance.
  • Downloadable information for patients.