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Effects of Disasters on Pregnant Women

A natural disaster is devastating for anyone affected, but pregnant women often have special concerns, such as:

  • Infections can affect a pregnant woman more severely than those who are not pregnant or she might be more susceptible to getting an infection. Click here to read more about infections
  • Certain medications used to treat infections and other illnesses might not be recommended for use during pregnancy.
  • Some immunizations are recommended during pregnancy, while others are not because of the potential effect on the unborn child.
    Click here to read more about immunizations
  • Pregnant women might be concerned about effects on their unborn children of toxins like carbon monoxide or of the increased stress related to the hurricane and its aftermath. Click here to read more about environmental exposures.

The information on this website was put together to assist pregnant women and their health care providers with answering some of their questions related to these issues. For more information about maintaining health during pregnancy and after disasters, see the following links: CDC Emergency website:

March of Dimes Emergency Health Information website:

What You Need to Know if you are pregnant
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