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Publicaciones científicas (en inglés)

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* Estos artículos científicos de los CDC están listados por orden de fecha de publicación, del 2005 a la fecha actual (en inglés).

Aging with cerebral palsy and other disabilities: personal reflections and recommendations
Developmental Mental Medicine and Child Neurology; October 2009; 51 Supplement 4:12-5.
Jones GC.
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Effects of depressive symptoms on health behavior practices among older adults with vision loss
Rehabilitation Psychology; May 2009; 54(2): 164-72.
Jones GC, Rovner BW, Crews JE, Danielson ML.
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State-level differences in breast and cervical cancer screening by disability status: United States, 2008
Women’s Health Issues; Nov-Dec 2009; 19(6): 406-14.
Armour BS, Thierry JM, Wolf LA.
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State-level Medicaid expenditures attributable to smoking
Preventing Chronic Disease; July 2009; 6(3): A84.
Armour BS, Finkelstein EA, Fiebelkorn IC.
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Developing summary scores of health-related quality of life for a population-based survey
Public Health Reports; January-February 2009; 124(1): 103-10.
Horner-Johnson W, Krahn G, Andresen E, Hall T; Rehabilitation Research and Training Center Expert Panel on Health Status Measurement.
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Disability and disability-adjusted life years: not the same
Public Health Reports; March-April 2009; 124(2): 197-202.
Grosse SD, Lollar DJ, Campbell VA, Chamie M.
No summary available.


Preparing for and responding to pandemic influenza: implications for
people with disabilities
American Journal of Public Health; October 2009; (99 Supp 2): S294-300.
Campbell VA, Gilyard JA, Sinclair L, Sternberg T, Kailes JI. 
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Economic productivity by age and sex: 2007 estimates for the United States.
Medical Care; 2009; 47(7 Suppl 1): S94-S103.
Grosse SD, Krueger KV, Mvundura M.
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People with Disabilities
In Oxford Textbook of Public Health; 5th Edition; Oxford University Press; July 2009; 1657.
Lollar DJ, author of chapter; Detels R, Beaglehole R, Lansang MA, Gulliford M, editors.
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Hospitalization for urinary tract infections as a signal of the quality of preventive health care received by people with spina bifida
Disability and Health Journal; 2009; 2(3): 145-152.
Armour BS, Ouyang L, Grosse SD, Campbell VA, Thibadeau J, Joseph D.
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Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Self-Rated Health Status Among Adults With and Without Disabilities -- United States, 2004 -- 2006
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report; October 2008; 57(39): 1069-1073 CDC
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A profile of State Level differences in the Oral Health of People with and without Disabilities, in the US in 2004
Public Health Reports; January-February 2008; 123(1): 67-75.
Armour BS, Swanson M, Waldman BH, Pearlman SP.
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Age at disability onset and self-reported health status
BMC Public Health; January 2008; 8:10.
Jamoom EW, Horner-Johnson W, Suzuki R, Andresen EM, Campbell VA; RRTC Expert Panel on Health Status Measurement.
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Assessing cost effectiveness in health care: The history of the $50,000 per QALY threshold
Expert Review in Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research; April 2008; 8(2): 165-178.
Grosse SD.
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Multiple Health Disparities among Minority Adults with Mobility Limitations: An application of the ICF Framework and Codes
Disability and Rehabilitation; 2008; 30(12-13);901-915.
Jones GC, Sinclair LB.
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Relationship between physical disabilities or long-term health problems and health risk behaviors or conditions among US high school students
Journal of School Health; April 2008; 78(5): 252-257.
Jones SE, Lollar DJ.
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Rehabilitation psychology and public health: commonalities, barriers, and bridges
Rehabilitation Psychology 2008;53(2):122-127.
Lollar DJ.
[Leer el resumen (en inglés)]


Activity limitations among young adults with developmental disabilities: a population-based follow-up study
Research in Developmental Disabilities;
Van Naarden Braun K, Yeargin-Allsopp M, Lollar DJ.
[Read summary]


State-level prevalence of cigarette smoking and treatment advice, by disability status, United States, 2004
Prevention of Chronic Disease; October, 2007; 4(4); A86.
Armour BS, Champbell VA, Crews J, Malarcher A, Maurice E, Richard R.
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Smoking: Taxing Health and Social Security
Economic Review; 2007;92; Third Quarter; 27-41.
Armour BS, Pitts MM.
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The Characteristics and Health of Caregivers and Care Recipients--North Carolina, 2005
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report; June 2007; 56(21): 529-532.
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Double Jeopardy: The effects of Comorbid Conditions Among Older People with Vision Loss
Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness; 2006;100 (Spec. Suppl.):824-848.
Crews JE, Jones GC, Kim JH.
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The View from the Crossroads of Public Health and Vision (Re)habilitation
Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness; 2006;100(Spec. Suppl.):773-339.
Crews JE, Kirchner C, Lollar DJ.
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Health care expenditures of children and adults with spina bifida in a privately insured U.S. population
 Birth Defects Research Part A: Clinical and Molecular Teratology; 2007; 79(7): 552-558.
Ouyang L, Grosse SD, Armour BS, Waitzman NJ.
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Lessons from cost-effectiveness research for United States public health policy
Annual Review of Public Health; 2007;28:365-391.
Grosse SD, Teutsch SM, Haddix AC.
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Supportive care needs of Americans: a major issue for women as both recipients and providers
Journal of Women’s Health; July 2007; 16(6): 784-789.
McGuire LC, Anderson LA, Talley RC, Crews JE.
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Framing the public health of caregiving
American Journal of Public Health; February 2007 ; 97(2): 224-8; Erratum in: American Journal of Public Health; March 2007; 97(3): 393.
Talley RC, Crews JE.
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Quality of life and resilience in adolescents with a mobility disability
Journal of Pediatric Psychology; 2007;32(3):370-379.
Alriksson-Schmidt AI, Wallander J, Biasini F.
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Physical activity among adults with a disability -- United States 2005
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report; October 2007; 56(39):1021-1024.
[Leer el artículo (en inglés)]


State-Specific prevalence of arthritis attributable work limitations - United States, 2003
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report; 2007; 56(40):1045-1049.
[Leer el artículo (en inglés)]


Environmental barriers to health care among persons with disabilities -- Los Angeles County, California, 2002-2003
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report; December 2006; 55(48):1300-1303.
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Health, preventive health care, and health care access among women with disabilities in the 1994-1995 National Health Interview Survey, Supplement on Disability
Women's Health Issues; Nov-Dec 2006;16:297-312.
Chevarley FM, Thierry JM, Gill CJ, Ryerson AB, Nosek MA.
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Toward International Comparability of Survey Statistics on Visual Impairment: The DISTAB Project
Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness 2006; 100:11-25.
Hendershot GE, Crews JE.
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Barriers and strategies affecting the utilisation of primary preventive services for people with physical disabilities: A Qualitative inquiry
Health and Social Care in the Community; July 2006; 14(4):284-293.
Kroll T, Jones GC, Kehn M, Neri MT.
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Understanding the Multidimensional Consequences of Aging and Sensory Loss
Neurorehabilitatiion and Neural Repair; 2005; 19(1):75S-77S.
Crews JE.
[Leer el artículo (en inglés)]


Starting early: promoting the mental health of women and girls throughout the life span
Journal of Women's Health; Nov 2005; 14(9):754-763.
Lesesne CA, Kennedy C.
[Leer el resumen (en inglés)]


Diagnosis to function: classification for children and youths
Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics; August 2005; 26(4); 323-330.
Lollar DJ, Simeonsson RJ.
[Leer el resumen (en inglés)]


State and metropolitan-area estimates of disability in the United States, 2001
American Journal of Public Health; November 2005; 95(11): 1964-9.
Okoro CA, Balluz LS, Campbell VA, Holt JB, Mokdad AH.
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Otros artículos seleccionados

Economic costs associated with mental retardation, cerebral palsy, hearing loss, and vision impairment --- United States, 2003
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report; January 2004; 53(3): 57-59.
[Leer el artículo (en inglés)]


Vision impairment and hearing loss among community-dwelling older Americans: implications for health and functioning
American Journal of Public Health; May 2004; 94(5): 823-829.
Crews JE, Campbell VA.
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Todos los artículos (en inglés)

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