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Somerset County, Maine

National Healthy Worksite emblem for Somerset CountySomerset is Maine’s third-largest county, and has the ninth-largest population with 52,228 residents as of 2010. There are 33 communities and 82 unincorporated territories in this primarily rural region. Skowhegan is the county seat. The Kennebec River, one of Maine’s largest tributaries, flows from north to south through the county and is used for commercial and recreational purposes. Somerset County also contains major ground transportation routes that support heavy commercial, tourist and residential use.
Image of mainstreet representing Somerset county

There is a wide variety of employers represented in Somerset County, and its larger sectors include manufacturing, services (including health care and education), retail, construction and state and local government. Somerset County's economy also includes natural resource-based companies, such as paper manufacturers and sawmills, and boasts being one of the top maple syrup-producing counties in the United States. Somerset also serves as the gateway to the mountains, lakes, rivers and forests of western Maine, where four seasons offer opportunities to experience skiing, fishing, white-water rafting, hiking, snowmobiling and many other outdoor activities.

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Somerset County Health Statistics

Somerset County is the most rural of the National Healthy Worksite communities, with 1,187 employers and 14,896 employees.

This is a graph of Somerset County Health Statistics. There are three groups of three columns. The first group of columns provides smoking prevalence rates from 2010 BRFSS data at the Somerset county level (26%), Maine state level (18%) and national level (17%). The second group of columns provides obesity prevalence rates from 2009 BRFSS data at the Somerset county level (35%), Maine state level (26%) and national level (27%). The last group of columns provides physical inactivity prevalence rate from 2009 BRFSS data at the Somerset county level (26%), Maine state level (21%) and national level (24%).

Somerset County ranks 16th out of Maine’s 16 counties in health factors, according to the County Health Rankings. Health factors in the County Health Rankings are those that influence the health of a county, including health behavior and clinical care, as well as social, economic, and physical environment factors.

Several organizations throughout Maine have implemented health programs specifically targeted toward small and micro-businesses, which represent most of the employers in the state. Somerset County’s tobacco use rate, obesity rate, and the number of individuals who are physically inactive are considerably higher than state and national averages.