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2013 Annual Summary

Launch Date: November 2008

Analysis: Widgets have continued to expand and grow rapidly since launch. Since launch, there have been 121,181,122 views and interactions with CDC’s Widgets. A "view" includes the number of times a widget was loaded on a page, while an "interaction" can include the number of times the "Go" button was clicked, the "previous" and "next buttons" were clicked, or the number of times the user browsed through the contents of a widget and interacted with a component of the widget. The number of sites where a widget was embedded can also be called "virality." This refers to the widget being spread by users sharing it and adding it on their own sites, bringing new users to the original CDC content and therefore adding additional utility.

CDC Widget Views and Interactions 2013

RankWidget NameViews and Interactions
(in Page Views)
1HIV/AIDS Prevention & Service Provider Locator for Act Against Aids4,312,915 Locator Widget3,426,195
4OPA Locator Widget2,768,204
5Burn To Learn461,865
6BMI Adult353,542
7BMI for Children and Teens Widget207,292
8Pre-Diabetes Prevention144,883
9National HIV/AIDS Strategy News82,936
10Diabetes Widget70,210
11Eating ON THE Go? GO Light!47,447
13Time to Scale Back Infographic36,479
14CPPW New (Ab)Normal Infographic33,314
15GTSSData Fast Facts Widget29,721
16Pet Health11,172
17Everyday Health10,027
18FluView National Flu Activity Map6,957
19Food Safety Widget5,156
20Chronic Infograph widget3,409
21Youth Risk Behavior Science (2009)3,349
22FDA Peanut Product Recall Widget3,040
23Emergency Preparedness and Response2,858
24Asthma's Impact on the Nation2,701
25Pistachio Recall Widget2,547

Top 10 Most Popular Widgets 2013

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