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Podcasts and RSS

2013 Annual Summary

Launch Date: July 2006


Since launch:

  • CDC RSS Feeds have been consumed over 295 million times
  • The most popular CDC RSS feed is "RSS: CDC Flu Updates_20" with 8,516,077million views
  • CDC Podcasts Feeds accessed over 23 million times
  • The most popular Podcast download is "Podcast (a): National Cholesterol Education Month" with 51,666 downloads of the audio.

CDC Podcasts and RSS Feeds 2006-2013

RSS: Feed (in views)368,1681,957,9668,531,89120,601,86274,132,483100,005,488130,225,364108,569,133
RSS: Click Through (in views)181,7191,551,7913,432,05723,501,39315,028,82415,334,42727,660,55748,419,905
Podcast: Feed (in views)214,298657,6712,382,7265,234,8044,749,9054,758,4577,339,9535,623,144
Podcast: Download (in views)164,284459,3151,386,5044,428,7614,134,2852,711,1426,081,6026,568,205

Top 5 RSS Feeds 2013

Most Popular RSS Feeds

RankRSS Feed TitleViews
1RSS: CDC Flu Updates_208,516,077
2RSS: CDC H1N1 Flu Updates_2528,361,195
3RSS: Food Safety_1466,353,973
4RSS: CDC Facebook Feed_1995,905,274
5RSS: CDC Emergency Preparedness and Response: Recent Outbreaks and Incidents_2335,787,957
6RSS: CDC Twitter Feed_2005,780,922
7RSS: CDC Emergency Preparedness and Response: What's New_195,666,264
8RSS: Dr. Tom Frieden Twitter Feed_2074,206,534
9RSS: CDC Online Newsroom_1833,183,535
10RSS: Five Minutes or Less for Health Widget Feed_2822,270,867
11RSS: CDC Travel Notices_662,244,592
12RSS: Preventing Chronic Disease Journal_62,237,816
13RSS: Public Health Matters_1862,237,708
14RSS: CDC Salmonella: Outbreak Updates_3342,080,284
15RSS: CDC E. coli: Outbreak Updates_2802,012,978
16RSS: Kids' Health RSS_3552,002,595
17RSS: CDC Listeria: Outbreak Updates_4291,441,412
18RSS: Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR)_51,42,3049
19RSS: Women's Health RSS_3481,402,783
20RSS: CDC Text Messages_1851,396,494
21RSS: CDC en Español_1511,387,574
22RSS: CDC Clinician Outreach and Communication Activity (COCA)_2241,293,013
23RSS: CDC Global Health: What's New_4071,281,963
24RSS: CDC Injury Center_2951,061,326
25RSS: NCHS Publications and Products_681,054,264

Top 5 Podcast Downloads 2013


  • Podcast (v) = A video podcast
  • Podcast (c) = A captioned video podcast
  • Podcast (a) = An audio podcast
  • Podcast (t) = A transcript download of an audio or video podcast

Most Popular Podcast Downloads

RankPodcast TitlePodcast Downloads
1Podcast (a): National Cholesterol Education Month51,666
2Podcast (t): National Cholesterol Education Month43,564
3Podcast (t): Roadmap to Maintaining Cognitive Health33,997
4Podcast (t): Go With the Flow33,975
5Podcast (t): Chikungunya Outbreaks Caused by African Genotype, India32,447
6Podcast (a): In Memoriam: Dr. Frank John Fenner26,828
7Podcast (a): History of Bioterrorism: Anthrax20,374
8Podcast (v): Health Begins at Home18,408
9Podcast (a): Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease11,385
10Podcast (t): Diabetes Detection10,549
11Podcast (a): CDC Vital Signs Press Conference, September 7, 201010,524
12Podcast (t): Autism Awareness9,814
13Podcast (t): Kidney Health9,686
14Podcast (t): Teen Vaccines9,660
15Podcast (t): Keep Your Cool9,564
16Podcast (t): Keeping Kids Safe9,524
17Podcast (t): Restrain Your Children9,481
18Podcast (a): Progress in Global Surveillance and Response Capacity 10 Years After Severe Acute Respi8,478
19Podcast (t): Stopping Strokes7,578
20Podcast (t): Vanishing Varicella7,159
21Podcast (a): Zombies—A Pop Culture Resource for Public Health Awareness6,777
22Podcast (t): Staying Healthy When a Baby's on the Way6,519
23Podcast (t): Power Tools: Nail Down Safety First6,310
24Podcast (a): People Can Catch Diseases from Their Pets6,261
25Podcast (t): Excessive Consumption of Energy Drinks6,242
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