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CDC Mobile

Traffic to the Website from Mobile Devices

Mobile Page Views

Traffic to the website from mobile devices increased steadily in the last two years. In 2014 mobile views were up from 15.4 million or 19.2% in January to 18 million or 23.4% in December. The spike in October is due to a high interest in Ebola outbreak content.

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Mobile vs Non-mobile Page Views

The trend throughout 2014 was a decrease in the percent of traffic from non-mobile devices while the percentage of traffic from mobile devices continued to grow.

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Mobile vs Non-mobile Visits

While page views from mobile devices represent 23.4% of all page views in December visits from mobile devices represent 42.3% of all visits. The above chart shows the percent of visits from mobile devices increasing while the percent of visits from desktops decreasing. The reason that page views from mobile devices do not also make up 42.3% of all page views is because visits from mobile devices consume less content than visits from desktops.

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Mobile Devices

In the last two years there were two main contributors to mobile views to the website. In 2013 traffic from mobile phones averaged nearly 65% of the traffic from mobile devices and traffic from tablets averaged 34%. In 2014 the gap widened as mobile phone traffic average increased to 69.9% and average traffic from tablets dropped to 29.3%.

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2014 Top 10 Channels for Mobile Devices
 Mobile Phone  Tablet 
 All Site Sections / Channels Page Views All Site Sections / Channels Page Views
1Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever14,278,5431STD4,677,997
2STD10,812,0182Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever4,674,169
3Vaccines8,872,1763Seasonal Flu3,580,285
5Seasonal Flu7,285,2805Travelers' Health2,956,869
6CDC Top Tier7,063,8366CDC Top Tier2,847,912
8NCBDDD4,661,1548Healthy Weight2,175,568
9Travelers' Health4,467,5559NCBDDD1,853,162
10Healthy Weight4,149,78210NCHS1,495,233

The mobile devices top channels in 2014 are consistent with overall website traffic.

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