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CDC Mobile

Traffic to the Website from Mobile Devices

Traffic to the website from mobile devices increased steadily in the last two years. In 2013 mobile views were up 48.2% over the prior year increasing from 83.2 million in 2012 to 123.3 million in 2013. The above chart shows the monthly growth.

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The percent of traffic to the website from mobile devices also increased. However, the spike in December 2012 is due mostly to the 14% drop in overall page views to the site rather than an increase in mobile views. In December 2013 the percent of traffic from mobile devices reached 18.1%.

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In the last two years there were two main contributors to mobile views to the website. In 2013 traffic from mobile phones averaged nearly 65% of the traffic from mobile devices and traffic from tablets averaged 34%.

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2013 Top 10 Channels from Mobile Devices

Mobile PhoneTablet
 All Site Sections / ChannelsPage Views All Site Sections / ChannelsPage Views
2Seasonal Flu4,567,9902Seasonal Flu2,912,709
4HFMD3,477,1484Travelers' Health2,014,587
5CDC Top Tier2,857,6105CDC Top Tier1,942,361
7Healthy Weight2,409,0337Healthy Weight1,778,323
8Travelers' Health2,336,1378NCHS1,344,281
10NCHSTP/DHAP1,750,25610Search Results1,037,181

The mobile devices top channels in 2013 are consistent with overall website traffic.

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