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Management Analysis and Services Office

National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics (NCVHS)
National Center for Health Statistics
Office of Public Health Scientific Services

Designated Federal Officer – Rebecca S. Hines, M.H.S.

The National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics is the Department's statutory public advisory body on health data, statistics and national health information policy. The Committee shall assist and advise the Secretary through the Department of Health and Human Services Data Council, on health data, statistics, privacy, national health information policy, and the Department's strategy to best address those issues. The Committee also shall assist and advise the Department in the implementation of the Administrative Simplification provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, and shall inform decision making about data policy by HHS, states, local governments and the private sector. Specifically the Committee shall: (A) Monitor the nation's health data needs and current approaches to meeting those needs; identify emerging health data issues, including methodologies and technologies of information systems, databases, and networking that could improve the ability to meet those needs. (B) Identify strategies and opportunities to achieve long-term consensus on common health data standards that will promote (1) the availability of valid, credible, and timely health information, and (ii) multiple uses of data collected once; recommend actions the federal government can take to promote such a consensus. (C) Make recommendations regarding health terminology, definitions, classifications, and guidelines. (D) Study and identify privacy, security, and access measures to protect individually identifiable health information in an environment 0 f electronic networking and multiple uses of data. (E) Identify strategies and opportunities for evolution from single-purpose, narrowly focused, categorical health data collection strategies to more multi-purpose, integrated, shared data collection strategies. (F) Identify statistical, information system and network design issues bearing on health and health services data which are of national or international interest; identify strategies and opportunities to facilitate interoperability and networking. (G) Advise the Department on health data collection needs and strategies; review and monitor the Department's data and information systems to identify needs, opportunities, and problems; consider the likely effects of emerging health information technologies on the Departments data and systems, and impact of the Department=s information policies and systems on the development of emerging technologies. (H) Stimulate the study of health data and information systems issues by other organizations and agencies, whenever possible. (I) Review and comment on findings and proposals developed by other organizations and agencies with respect to health data and information systems and make recommendations for their adoption or implementation. (J) Assist and advise the Secretary in complying with the requirements imposed under Part C of Title XI of the Social Security Act; (K) Study the issues related to the adoption of uniform data standards for patient medical record information and the electronic interchange of such information, and report to the Secretary not later than August 21,2000, recommendations and legislative proposals for such standards and electronic exchange; (L) Advise the Secretary and the Congress on the status of the implementation of Part C of Title XI of the Social Security Act; (M) Submit to the Congress and make public, not later than one year after the enactment of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, and annually thereafter, a report regarding the implementation of Part C of Title XI of the Social Security Act. Such report shall address the following subjects, to the extent that the Committee determines appropriate: -The extent to which persons required to comply with Part C of the Act are cooperating in implementing the standards adopted under such part; -The extent to which such entities are meeting the security standards adopted under such part and the types of penalties assessed for noncompliance with such standards. -Whether the federal and State Governments are receiving information of sufficient quality to meet their responsibilities under such part. -Any problems that exist with respect to implementation of such part. -The extent to which timetables under such part are being met. (N) Assist and advise the Secretary in the development of such reports as the Secretary or Congress may require. In these matters, the Committee shall consult with all components of the Department, other federal entities, and non-federal organizations, as appropriate.



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