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CDC estimates that approximately 1600 illnesses and 260 deaths due to listeriosis occur annually in the United States1.


In 2013, the average annual incidence of listeriosis in the United States was 0.26 cases per 100,000 individuals2.


Compared to 1996-1998, the incidence of listeriosis had declined by about 42% by 20123. However, there was no observed change in incidence of listeriosis in 2012 compared to 2006-20083.


In 2012, 831 foodborne outbreaks were reported to CDC.4 In 2012, there were 4 confirmed outbreaks and 1 suspected outbreak of listeriosis in the United States4. The largest listeriosis outbreak in U.S. history occurred in 2011, when 147 illnesses, 33 deaths, and 1 miscarriage occurred among residents of 28 states; the outbreak was associated with consumption of cantaloupe from a single farm5.


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