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Injury Center Past Funded Awards for FY1999-FY2011

Note: The period of performance is subject to change. This listing is not inclusive of all programs, activities, and research funded by CDC's National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (NCIPC).

Begin Period of Performance*End Period of Performance*TopicFunding TypeProject TitleLocation
2011/09/302016/09/29Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceCooperative AgreementJHU Center for the Prevention of Youth ViolenceMD
2011/09/302016/09/29Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceCooperative AgreementDenver Collaborative to Reduce Youth ViolenceCO
2011/09/012012/08/31Injury PreventionSmall Business Innovation ResearchStamp in Safety: Preventing Injuries on Preschool PlaygroundsOR
2011/09/012012/08/31Injury Prevention - Motor VehicleSmall Business Innovation ResearchInstrumented Child Safety SeatMN
2011/09/012012/08/31Traumatic Brain InjurySmall Business Innovation ResearchAffordable Adolescent Athletic Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Risk Management SystemMN
2011/09/012012/08/31Injury Prevention - Motor VehicleSmall Business Innovation ResearchTranslation and Dissemination of Simulator for Novice DriversCA
2011/09/012012/08/31Injury Prevention - Motor VehicleSmall Business Innovation ResearchEasy-To-Use Electric Lower Anchor Tether Winch for Child Car SeatsMN
2010/09/302015/09/29Violence Prevention - SuicideCooperative AgreementLinks to Enhancing Teens' Connectedness (LET's CONNECT)MI
2010/09/302015/09/29Violence Prevention - SuicideCooperative AgreementThe Senior ConnectionNY
2010/09/302013/08/30Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceCooperative AgreementUNITY 2: Urban Networks to Increase Thriving YouthCA
2010/09/302015/09/29Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceCooperative AgreementNorth Carolina Rural Academic Center for Excellence in Youth Violence PreventionNC
2010/09/302015/09/29Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceCooperative AgreementChicago Center for Youth Violence PreventionIL
2010/09/302015/09/29Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceCooperative AgreementVCU ACE: Evaluation of a Comprehensive Approach to Youth Violence PreventionVA
2010/09/302015/09/29Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceCooperative AgreementMichigan Youth Violence Prevention Center (MI-YVPC)MI
2010/09/012012/08/31Injury Prevention - Motor VehicleGrantChild Pedestrian Injuries and Built Urban Environment: Evaluation of a Safe RouteNY
2010/09/012012/08/31Injury Prevention - Motor VehicleGrantComparative Effectiveness of Two Interventions for Teen Distracted DrivingWA
2010/09/012012/08/31Injury Prevention - Motor VehicleGrantDoes Graduated Driver Licensing Produce Safer Teenage Drivers?WV
2010/09/012012/08/31Injury Prevention - Motor VehicleGrantDeveloping Empirical childhood injury prevention program adoption modelsMO
2010/09/012012/08/31Acute Injury CareGrantStudy of EMS Findings Predictive of Pediatric Trauma Center NeedWI
2010/09/012012/08/31Acute Injury CareGrantProspective Validation and Cost Analysis of the National Guidelines for Field TriageOR
2010/09/012012/08/31Injury Prevention - PoisoningGrantUnintentional Prescription Opioid Poisoning Deaths in Connecticut and Rhode IslandCT
2010/09/012012/08/31Injury Prevention - PoisoningGrantEvaluation of the Washington State Guidelines on Opioid Dosing for Chronic PainWA
2010/08/012013/07/31Violence Prevention - Sexual ViolenceGrantExperimentally Testing the Effectiveness of a Campus-based Bystander InterventionNJ
2010/08/012013/07/31Violence Prevention - Intimate Partner ViolenceGrantA Randomized Efficacy Trial of Moms and Teens for Safe DatesNC
2010/08/012013/07/31Violence Prevention - Intimate Partner ViolenceGrantFactors Influencing Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration Affecting Deaf PeopleNY
2010/08/012013/07/31Violence Prevention - SuicideGrantEtiology of Suicidal Behavior During Adolescence and Emerging AdulthoodNY
2010/082011/02Violence Prevention - Sexual ViolenceSmall Business Innovation ResearchEngaging Teen Bystanders to Prevent Sexual Violence: A Web-based ApproachGA
2010/082011/02Injury Prevention - Motor VehicleSmall Business Innovation ResearchOnline Safety Assessment & Individualized Portal Reinforcing Pediatrician AdviceMD
2010/082011/02Injury Prevention - Motor VehicleSmall Business Innovation ResearchImproved Child Safety SeatMN
2010/082012/07Injury Prevention - Motor VehicleSmall Business Innovation ResearchEasy-to-use Electric Low Anchor Tether Winch for Child Car Seats (Phase II)MN
2009/09/302012/09/29Acute Injury CareGrantImproving Prehospital Care for Crash Injured Occupants Using Vehicle Based TelemaFL
2009/09/302012/09/29Acute Injury CareGrantOptimizing Trauma Systems Planning Using Interactive Web-Based MappingPA
2009/09/302012/09/29Acute Injury CareGrantTrauma System Evaluation with Survival Time ModelsME
2009/09/302012/09/29Acute Injury CareGrantTranslation of Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention Guidelines to Pediatric Trauma CentersRI
2009/09/302012/09/29Acute Injury CareGrantValidation of a decision rule for selective chest radiography in blunt traumaCA
2009/07/312014/07/30MultipleInjury Control Research CenterBrown Center for Violence and Injury PreventionMO
2009/08/012014/07/30MultipleInjury Control Research CenterEmory Center for Injury ControlGA
MultipleInjury Control Research CenterThe Johns Hopkins Injury Control Research CenterMD
2009/08/012014/07/30MultipleInjury Control Research CenterUNC Injury Prevention Research CenterNC
2009/01/012009/12/31Injury Prevention - Motor VehicleSmall Business Injury ResearchTranslation and Dissemination of Simulator for Novice DriversCA
2009/09/302012/09/29Injury Prevention - PoisoningGrantImpact of overdose prevention education and intranasal naloxone on fatal and non-fatal opioid overdose ratesMA
2009/09/302012/09/29Injury Prevention - PoisoningGrantUnintentional Poisoning from Prescription Drug Overdoses Among VeteransMA
2009/09/012012/08/30Injury Translation ResearchTranslation ResearchEffectiveness and cost-effectiveness of coaching models to promote implementationGA
2009/09/012012/08/31Injury Translation ResearchTranslation ResearchHealthy Futures for Children in Foster Care: Translating Evidence into PracticeNY
2009/09/012012/08/31Injury Translation ResearchTranslation ResearchTranslating Child-Parent Psychotherapy into the Juvenile and Family Court SystemNC
2009/09/012012/08/31Injury Translation ResearchTranslation ResearchTranslating and Implementing Fall Prevention Research through Clinical PracticeOR
2009/08/302012/08/31Injury Translation ResearchTranslation ResearchTranslating Effective Maltreatment Intervention into the CommunityKS
2009/09/012012/08/31Injury Translation ResearchTranslation ResearchTranslating an effective teen driving program for parents to primary careMI
2009/06/012009/11/30Traumatic Brain InjurySmall Business Injury ResearchWeb-based learning simulations to help youths cope when a parent or sibling has a traumatic brain injuryIN
2009/09/302012/09/29Violence PreventionGrantA Randomized Controlled Trial of an Adolescent IPV/SA Perpetration PreventionCA
2009/09/302012/09/29Violence PreventionGrantDevelopment & Intergenerational Paths to Partner Violence & Child MaltreatmentCO
2009/09/302012/09/29Violence Prevention - Child MaltreatmentGrantDynamic Adaptation to Implement an Evidence-based Child Maltreatment InterventionCA
2009/09/302012/09/29Violence Prevention - Child MaltreatmentCooperative AgreementEngaging Fathers in Positive ParentingMO
2009/09/012012/08/31Violence Prevention - Child MaltreatmentCooperative AgreementEnhancing Fathers Ability to Support their Preschool ChildNY
2009/09/012014/08/31Violence Prevention - Sexual ViolenceCooperative AgreementGreen Dot across the Bluegrass: Evaluation of a primary prevention interventionTX
2009/09/012012/09/29Violence Prevention - Sexual ViolenceGrantMapping Etiological Pathways to SV Perpetration from Childhood to Young AdulthoodCA
2009/09/302012/09/29Violence Prevention - Sexual ViolenceCooperative AgreementMulti-site Evaluation of Second Step: Student Success Through Prevention (Second Step - SSTP)IL
2009/09/012014/08/31Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceCooperative AgreementLarge Scale Natural Experiment of Community Economic Development: Effects on Violence PatternsPA
2009/09/012011/8/31Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceCooperative AgreementYouth Violence and Housing Programs to Deconcentrate PovertyIL
2009/09/012012/8/31Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceCooperative AgreementDevelopmental Ecological Measurement of Neighborhood Effects on Youth ViolenceIL
2009/09/012012/8/31Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceCooperative AgreementCommunity Context and Violence: African American Youth Transitioning to AdulthoodGA
2009/09/012012/8/31Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceCooperative AgreementSchool Environment as a Mechanism to Reduce Youth Violence and VictimizationCA
2008/08/012008/08/31Acute Injury CareGrantPreventing Unintentional Mechanical Birth InjuriesMD
2008/08/012011/07/31Acute Injury CareGrantReducing Falls in the Elderly: Beyond the Laboratory to the CommunityIL
2008/08/012011/07/31Acute Injury CareGrantDevelopment and Validation of a Diagnostic Tool for Infant Head Injuries from FallsPA
2008/08/012011/07/31MultipleInjury Control Research CenterHome Safety Project - Columbus Children's Research InstituteOH
2008/08/012011/07/31MultipleInjury Control Research CenterCenter for Injury Research and Policy of The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s HospitalOH
2008/09/012012/08/31Injury Prevention - Motor VehicleGrantTranslating the Checkpoints Program for State-Wide Distribution on the WebMI
2004/08/012007/07/31Injury Prevention - Motor VehicleGrantBenefits of Rear-Facing Restraints for Older ChildrenVA
2004/08/012007/07/31Traumatic Brain InjuryGrantVascular Biomechanics in Traumatic Brain InjuryCA
2003/09/302006/09/29Traumatic Brain InjuryGrantBiomechanical and Sensory Motor Functions After ConcussionOR
2008/08/012010/07/31Traumatic Brain InjuryGrantFeasibility of Acute Concussion Management in the Emergency DepartmentDC
2007/09/012010/08/31Traumatic Brain InjuryGrantEffect of Biomechanical Force Exposure on Cognition and Brain Activation in Student AthletesNH
2008/09/012011/08/31Violence PreventionGrantProspective Risk and Protective Factors for Suicide and Co-occurring Risk BehaviorsOH
2008/09/012011/08/31Violence PreventionGrantEtiologic Frameworks to Prevent Gender Based Violence Among Immigrant LatinosDC
2008/09/012011/08/31Violence Prevention - Child MaltreatmentGrantA Family Intervention to Prevent Child MaltreatmentOR
2008/09/302011/09/29Violence Prevention - Child MaltreatmentGrantImplementing SafeCare to Prevent Child Maltreatment in Underserved Populations: A Study of Training ModelsGA
Violence Prevention - Intimate Partner ViolenceDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardUnderstanding Factors that Influence Safety Behaviors Practices by IPV VictimsMD
2008/09/012011/08/31Violence Prevention - Sexual ViolenceGrantEnhancing Bystander Efficacy to Prevent Sexual Violence: Extending Primary Prevention to First Year College StudentsNH
2008/08/012009/07/31Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardModifying the School Environment to Reduce Violence: Suggestions from StudentsMD
2008/09/012011/08/31Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceGrantPerpetration of Partner Violence Among Adolescents from Violent HomesTX
2008/09/012011/08/31Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceGrantDevelopmental Pathways to Dating Violence and Suicidal Behavior: The Healthy Teens ProjectGA
Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceGrantPromoting Sibling Bonds in Foster CareNY
Injury Prevention - Motor VehicleGrantPrevention of neck injuries in older adults during rear motor vehicle collisionsCT
2007/07/312012/07/31MultipleInjury Control Research CenterMount Sinai Injury Control Research CenterNY
2007/08/012012/07/31MultipleInjury Control Research CenterInjury Research Center at the Medical College of WisconsinWI
2007/08/012012/07/31MultipleInjury Control Research CenterWest Virginia University Injury Control Research CenterWV
2007/08/012012/07/31MultipleInjury Control Research CenterSan Francisco Injury Center (SFIC)CA
2007/08/012012/07/31MultipleInjury Control Research CenterUniversity of Iowa Injury Prevention Research ControlIA
2007/08/012012/07/31MultipleInjury Control Research CenterColorado Injury Control Research Center (CICRC)CO
2007/09/012008/08/31Injury PreventionSmall Business Injury ResearchFeasibility of Eliminating Propeller Injury through Adaptation of Military Pump Jet to Most Common Outboard Motors (Phase I)FL
2007/09/302010/09/29Injury PreventionGrantDissemination Research in Child SafetyMD
2007/09/152011/09/14Injury Prevention - FallsGrantDissemination Research on Fall Prevention: "Stepping On" in a Wisconsin CommunityWI
2007/09/142008/09/13Injury Prevention - Motor VehicleSmall Business Injury ResearchEasy-to-Use Electric Lower Anchor Tether Winch for Child Car Seats (Phase I)MN
2007/09/302010/09/29Injury Prevention - Motor VehicleGrantTranslating Teen Driver and Parent Interventions into Diverse Practice SettingsMI
2007/09/302011/09/29Traumatic Brain InjuryGrantStatewide Investigation of Traumatic Brain Injury in PrisonsSC
2007/09/012008/08/31Violence PreventionDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardUrban African American and Hispanic Men's Perpetration of Multiple Forms of ViolenceMA
2007/09/302010/09/29Violence PreventionGrantAssessing an Adolescent Violence Screening Tool Longitudinally for Primary CareCO
2007/09/302010/09/29Violence PreventionGrantIncreasing Utilization of Evidence-Based Violence Prevention Programs in SchoolsMD
2007/09/012010/08/31Violence PreventionGrantAdolescent Dating Violence: Development of a Theoretical FrameworkOH
2007/09/012010/08/31Violence PreventionGrant"Thoughtful Parenting" for Mothers and Fathers: Does Gender Matter?IL
2007/09/012010/08/31Violence PreventionGrantYoung Adult Violence: Modifiable Predictors and PathsMO
2007/09/012010/08/31Violence PreventionGrantAn Outcome Evaluation of the ACT Parents Raising Safe Kids ProgramNC
2007/09/302010/09/29Violence Prevention - Child MaltreatmentGrantCascading Diffusion of an Evidence-Based Child Maltreatment InterventionOK
2007/09/302010/09/29Violence Prevention - Child MaltreatmentGrantPopulation-Level Parenting Interventions to Reduce Prevalence of Child AbuseSC
2007/09/302012/09/29Violence Prevention - Child MaltreatmentGrantPennsylvania Abusive Head Trauma Prevention ProgramPA
2007/09/302012/09/29Violence Prevention - Child MaltreatmentGrantThe Period of PURPLE Crying: Keeping Babies Safe in North CarolinaNC
2007/09/012008/08/31Violence Prevention - Intimate Partner ViolenceDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardImpact of Intimate Assault Arrest on Battered Women's Safety and Service NeedsPA
2007/09/012008/08/31Violence Prevention - Intimate Partner ViolenceDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardIntimate Partner Violence in Hispanic Women in AlabamaAL
2007/09/012010/08/31Violence Prevention - Intimate Partner ViolenceGrantTelephone Care Management to Prevent Further Intimate Partner ViolenceOH
2007/09/302012/09/29Violence Prevention - Intimate Partner ViolenceGrantDyadic, Skills-Based Primary Prevention for Partner Violence in Perinatal ParentsNY
2007/09/302011/09/29Violence Prevention - Intimate Partner ViolenceGrantCan Family Based Prevention of Conduct Problems Prevent IPV Development?NY
2007/09/302012/09/29Violence Prevention - Intimate Partner ViolenceGrantPTSD-Focused Relationship Enhancement Therapy for Returning Veterans and their PartnersMA
2007/09/012010/08/31Violence Prevention - Sexual ViolenceGrantRoots of Sexual AbuseMN
2007/09/012010/08/31Violence Prevention - Sexual ViolenceGrantMiddle school bullying and sexual violence: Measurement issues & etiological modelsIL
2007/09/012008/08/31Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardNeighborhood Change and Crime: Assessing the Relationship between the Local Housing Market, Racial and Ethnic Transition, and Youth ViolenceCA
2007/09/152009/09/14Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceGrantExamining Protective Factors for Youth Violence within a Developmental FrameworkNY
2007/09/152009/09/14Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceGrantIndividual, Parent, and School-level Protective Factors in Early AdolescenceVA
Acute Injury CareGrantStepped Preventive Care to Reduce the Impact of Acute Pediatric InjuryPA
2006/09/012009/08/31Acute Injury CareGrantClinical Decision Rule to Identify Children with Intra-abdominal InjuriesCA
Acute Injury CareGrantImproving Trauma Outcomes: A Patient Centered ApproachMD
2006/09/012009/08/31Acute Injury CareGrantEvaluation of the Mechanism of Injury Components of the Trauma Triage CriteriaNY
2006/09/152009/09/14Injury PreventionGrantTest of an intervention to increase home supervision of young childrenOntario
2006/09/012008/08/31Injury Prevention - Motor VehicleSmall Business Injury ResearchValidation of Injury Reduction by Bumper Airbags (Phase II)OH
2006/09/012009/08/31Injury Prevention - Motor VehicleGrantAcute and residual effects of beer vs. caffeinated beer on simulated drivingMA
2006/09/012009/08/31Injury Prevention - Motor VehicleGrantEvaluation of a Parent/Teen Driving Safety ProgramIA
2006/09/012010/08/31Injury Prevention - Motor VehicleCooperative AgreementCommunity-based intervention to increase seat belt use among teens in Jackson, MSMS
2006/09/012011/08/31Traumatic Brain InjuryGrantDisability from Pediatric Traumatic Brain InjuryWA
2006/09/012009/08/31Violence PreventionGrantRisk and Protective Factors for Partner Abuse, Child Maltreatment, & SuicidalityNY
2006/09/012010/08/31Violence Prevention - Child MaltreatmentCooperative AgreementPCIT Implementation ProjectOK
2006/09/012010/08/31Violence Prevention - Child MaltreatmentCooperative AgreementUsing Technology to Augment the Effectiveness of Parenting Programs in the Prevention of Child MaltreatmentKS
2006/09/012010/08/31Violence Prevention - Child MaltreatmentCooperative AgreementA Computer-Based Intervention to Augment Home Visitation ServicesMI
2006/09/012009/08/31Violence Prevention - Child MaltreatmentGrantCSA Prevention Training for Child Care Professionals: Stewards of ChildrenSC
2006/09/012009/08/31Violence Prevention - Child MaltreatmentGrantFathers and Risk for Physical Child Maltreatment: Prevention PathwaysNY
2006/09/012007/08/31Violence Prevention - Intimate Partner ViolenceDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardDisparities at work: Intimate Violence Survivors and Work-related OutcomesOR
2006/09/012009/08/31Violence Prevention - Intimate Partner ViolenceGrantPreventing Violence against Women: A Web-based ApproachGA
2006/09/012009/08/31Violence Prevention - Intimate Partner ViolenceGrantIs motivational interviewing an effective intervention for women coping with IPVIA
2006/09/012009/08/31Violence Prevention - Sexual ViolenceGrantAn Investigation of a Sexual Assault Prevention ProgramOH
2006/09/012007/08/31Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardUnderstanding Psychopathy in a Multi-Ethnic Sample of Male and Female AdolescentsCA
2006/09/012007/08/31Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardFemale Juvenile Offenders: Differentiating Mechanisms of Violence Risk by RaceVA
2006/09/012009/08/31Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceGrantLong-Term Effects of the Moving-to-Opportunity Experiment on Youth ViolenceDC
2006/09/012009/08/31Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceGrantRCT of Urban Improv-lntensive, A Youth Violence Prevention ProgramMA
2005/09/302008/09/29Injury Prevention - FallsGrantReducing Falls Using Task-Specific TrainingIL
2005/09/302008/09/29Acute Injury CareGrantAddressing Injury to Cartilage by Forces Generated during Knee Ligament TraumaMI
2005/08/302008/08/29Acute Injury CareGrantBiomechanical Mechanisms of Facet-Mediated Whiplash Injury & PainPA
Acute Injury CareGrantComputer Modeling and Etiological Investigation of Acute Injury RiskIN
Acute Injury CareDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardGender-Specific Neck Musculoskeletal Models for Analyzing Whiplash InjuryWA
2005/09/302006/09/29Acute Injury CareDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardControl and Quantitation of Pulmonary ContusionNC
Acute Injury CareGrantThe Study of the Impact of a Terrorist Attack on Individual Trauma CentersCA
2005/08/012006/07/31Acute Injury CareCooperative AgreementThe Future of Emergency Medicine in PennsylvaniaPA
2005/09/152006/03/14Injury PreventionSmall Business Injury ResearchFast, Efficient, and Objective Detection of Sleepiness (Phase I)CA
2005/08/302006/08/29Injury PreventionDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardEvaluating New Tools to Link Pre-hospital and Hospital Injury Surveillance DataCO
Injury PreventionDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardHigh School Sports Injury Surveillance - Collecting Incidence and Exposure DataOH
2005/08/012006/07/31Injury PreventionGrantOklahoma University Developmental Center for Injury Prevention ResearchOK
2005/09/012008/08/31Injury Prevention - FallsGrantDissemination Evaluation of an Older Adult Falls Prevention ProgramNC
2005/09/012008/08/31Injury Prevention - FallsCooperative AgreementDissemination of a Community Tai Chi Program for FallsOR
Injury Prevention - Motor VehicleDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardBrief Intervention to Increase Safety Belt Use Among Emergency Department PatientsMA
2005/09/302008/09/29Injury Prevention - Motor VehicleCooperative Agreement

Effectiveness of Designated Driver Programs

2005/09/012008/08/31Injury Prevention - Motor VehicleGrantReducing Youthful Dangerous DrivingRI
2005/09/012009/08/31Violence PreventionCooperative AgreementImpact of Housing Relocation Initiatives on Community-Level ViolencePA
2005/09/012006/08/31Violence PreventionGrantCenter for the Study of ViolenceIA
2005/09/012008/08/31Violence PreventionGrantHealthy Teens: Understanding Social Development from Middle to High SchoolGA
2005/09/012008/08/31Violence PreventionGrantBuilding Community Capacity to Conduct Effective Violence PreventionCA
2005/08/312006/08/30Violence Prevention - Child MaltreatmentDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardWhen Baby Cries: The Role of Hostility-Related Schema in Physical Abuse RiskIL
2005/09/012006/08/31Violence Prevention - Intimate Partner ViolenceDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardIndividual and Neighborhood Factors Associated with Intimate Partner Violence RiskWA
2005/09/012009/08/31Violence Prevention - Intimate Partner ViolenceCooperative AgreementIntimate partner violence prevention through the use of theater in the Asian community of Southeast MichiganMI
2005/09/012009/08/31Violence Prevention - Intimate Partner ViolenceCooperative AgreementRaices Nuevas: Intimate Partner Violence Prevention for Latino MenMI
2005/09/012009/08/31Violence Prevention - Intimate Partner ViolenceCooperative AgreementAn Enhanced Nurse Home Visitation Program to Prevent IPVOR
2005/09/012009/08/31Violence Prevention - Intimate Partner ViolenceCooperative AgreementEffectiveness of Housing Intervention for Battered WomenOR
2005/09/012008/08/31Violence Prevention - Intimate Partner ViolenceGrantUsing Batterer Psychological Profiles for Prevention of Partner ViolenceTX
2005/09/012008/08/31Violence Prevention - Sexual ViolenceGrantPreventing Sexual Violence: Does Sex Offender Registration and Notification Work?SC
Violence Prevention - SuicideDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardA Twin Study of Suicidality & Self-Harm Among White and
African American Women
2005/09/012008/08/31Violence Prevention - SuicideGrantPreventing Suicidal Behavior in Abused Black WomenGA
2005/09/152006/03/14Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceSmall Business Injury ResearchA Stage-Based Expert System for Teen Dating Violence Prevention (Phase I)RI
2005/09/012006/08/31Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardRelation of Identity and Aggression Among Latino AdolescentsCA
2005/09/012006/08/31Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardIntimate Partner Violence Among Low-Income Pregnant Women: Multilevel AnalysisAL
Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardThe Environment of Middle Childhood and Adolescent Violence in Baltimore CohortMA
2005/09/012008/08/31Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceGrantTreatment Effects on Desistance from Youth ViolenceCA
2005/09/012008/08/31Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceGrantEarly Prevention of Youth Violence Among Foster ChildrenNY
2005/09/012009/08/31Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceCooperative AgreementPrimary Prevention Addressing Community Factors for Latino Youth ViolenceDC
2005/09/012009/08/31Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceCooperative AgreementThe Impact of Business Improvement Districts on Youth ViolenceCA
2004/08/012005/07/31Acute Injury CareDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardInjury Diagnosis Code Accuracy in Medicaid Claims DataOH
2004/08/012005/07/31Acute Injury CareDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardMechanical Simulation to Evaluate Injury Mechanisms of Ligaments in the KneeKS
2004/09/302007/09/29Acute Injury CareGrantBehavioral Health Effects of September 11, 2001NY
2004/08/012007/07/31Acute Injury CareGrantChronic Pain Prevention after Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) and Limb LossWA
2004/09/302007/09/29Acute Injury CareGrantBottom-up Modeling of Evacuation MethodologiesUT
Injury PreventionSmall Business Injury ResearchSafe ‘N Fun: An Injury Prevention KitMD
2004/08/012005/07/31Injury PreventionDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardConcept Mapping: An Innovative Method to Measure SupervisionDC
2004/09/302005/09/29Injury PreventionGrantPredictors of Dynamic Knee Stability among Female AthletesPA
2004/08/012007/07/31Injury PreventionGrantEvaluating Child Safety Product Dissemination and EducationMD
2004/08/012007/07/31Injury PreventionGrantA Dynamic Model of Supervision and Injury among ChildrenNY
2004/08/012005/07/31Injury Prevention - FallsDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardMechanics of Head Impact in InfantsPA
2004/09/012010/09/30Injury Prevention - FireSmall Business Injury ResearchNovel Nitrogen Enriched Air for Fire SuppressionDE
2004/09/012005/03/31Injury Prevention - Motor VehicleSmall Business Injury ResearchPortable Vehicle Simulator for Training Novice DriversMA
2004/08/012005/07/31Injury Prevention - Motor VehicleDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardBoost 'em in the Back Seat: A Safe Ride ProgramVA
2004/09/302007/09/29Injury Prevention - Motor VehicleGrantPublic Health Model to Promote Safe Elderly DrivingFL
2004/08/012005/07/31Traumatic Brain InjuryDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardPediatric Mild Head Injury: Definition and ConsequencesMI
2004/09/012005/08/31Traumatic Brain InjuryCooperative AgreementStudies to Determine the Prevalence of a History of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in an Institutionalized PopulationTX, CO
2004/08/012007/07/31Traumatic Brain InjuryGrantAn Investigation of Outcomes Associated with Pediatric TBICO
2004/08/012007/07/31Traumatic Brain InjuryGrantCase-control Study of Head Injury in Relation to Ski Helmet UseWA
2004/09/012005/03/31Violence PreventionSmall Business Injury ResearchHeal Victims of Violence: Helping Providers Care for Woman Patients who are Victims of ViolenceMD
2004/09/302007/09/29Violence PreventionGrantWhy Some Generations Are More Violent Than OthersPA
2004/08/012007/07/31Violence PreventionGrantThe Study of Sibling Violence among Foster ChildrenNY
2004/08/012007/07/31Violence PreventionGrantViolence Over Time: Growing Up and Parenting in PovertyMA
2004/08/012005/07/31Violence Prevention - Child MaltreatmentDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardEvaluation of a Program to Prevent Abusive Head TraumaMD
Violence Prevention - Child MaltreatmentCooperative AgreementSociocultural and Community Risk and Protective Factors: Child Maltreatment and Youth ViolenceGA
2004/09/302009/09/29Violence Prevention - Child MaltreatmentCooperative AgreementPractices to Improve Skills of Home VisitorsMD
2004/08/012007/07/31Violence Prevention - Child MaltreatmentGrantBuilding Social Support to Enhance Home VisitationNY
2004/08/012007/07/31Violence Prevention - Child MaltreatmentGrantPreventing Child Maltreatment in High-Risk FamiliesOK
2004/08/012005/07/31Violence Prevention - Intimate Partner ViolenceDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardAssessing Risk of Repeat Violence in Abusive Female Same-Sex Intimate RelationshipsOR
2004/08/012007/07/31Violence Prevention - Intimate Partner ViolenceGrantDevelopment of Partner Violence Perpetration Among MenMA
2004/09/012006/08/31Violence Prevention - Intimate Partner ViolenceGrantPiloting a Family-based Program for Preventing Adolescent Dating ViolenceNC
2004/08/012007/07/31Violence Prevention - Sexual ViolenceGrantRisk for Sexual Abuse: A Study of Adolescent OffendersMN
Violence Prevention - SuicideGrantHelp Seeking by At-Risk Youth after Suicide ScreeningsNY
2004/08/012007/07/31Violence Prevention - SuicideGrantPreventing Youth Suicide in Primary Care: A Family ModelPA
2004/08/012005/07/31Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardRace, Social Networks, and BullyingNC
2004/08/012005/07/31Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardRisk for Violence and Injury in Rural African-American YouthNC
2004/09/302007/09/29Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceGrantAcculturation and Health Protection in Latino YouthNC
2004/09/302007/09/29Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceCooperative AgreementMental Health Effects of Internet-Mediated ViolenceCA
2004/08/022007/08/01Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceCooperative AgreementSerious Youth Violence and Long-Term Use of Violent MediaMI
2004/09/012008/09/30Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceCooperative AgreementYouth Empowerment Solutions for Peaceful CommunitiesMI
2003/09/012006/08/31Acute Injury CareGrantPhone Intervention for Hazardous Ethanol Use in Emergency Department (ED) Motor Vehicle Crash PatientsRI
2003/09/012006/08/31Acute Injury CareGrantEmergency Department (ED) Intervention to Reduce Risky BehaviorsOH
2003/09/012005/08/31Injury PreventionDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardChildhood Residential Injury and Caregivers SupervisionOH
2003/09/012005/08/31Injury PreventionDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardOceanfront Injury PreventionVA
2003/09/012006/08/31Injury PreventionDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardSafe Streets: GIS Analysis and Countermeasure EvaluationCA
2003/09/302008/09/29Injury Prevention - FireCooperative AgreementResearch to Improve Smoke Alarm Maintenance and FunctionMD
2003/09/012005/08/31Injury Prevention - Motor VehicleDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardReducing Older Driver Injuries at IntersectionsTX
2003/09/302007/09/29Injury Prevention - Motor VehicleCooperative AgreementCommunity-Based Interventions to Reduce Motor Vehicle Injuries in MichiganMI
2003/09/302007/09/29Injury Prevention - Motor VehicleCooperative AgreementCommunity-Based Interventions to Reduce Motor Vehicle-related InjuriesCO
2003/09/302006/09/29Injury Prevention - Motor VehicleGrantDissemination of Booster Seat Community InterventionWA
2003/10/012006/09/30Injury Prevention - Motor VehicleGrantChildhood Rear Seating among the Hard-to-ReachMA
2003/09/012005/08/31Traumatic Brain InjuryDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardPatient-Specific Modeling for Pediatric Head Injury-BiomechanicsWI
2003/09/012006/08/31Traumatic Brain InjuryGrantThe Effect of Telephone Follow-up on Outcome in Mild TBIWA
2003/09/302007/09/29Traumatic Brain InjuryCooperative AgreementOutcome Measurement of MTBI Among Children and AdolescentsDC
2003/10/012006/09/30Traumatic Brain InjuryGrantNonhospitalized TBI: Michigan Incidence Impact and CostMI
2003/09/302006/09/29Traumatic Brain InjuryGrantA Trial of Two Online Interventions for Child Brain InjuryOH
2003/09/302004/09/29Violence PreventionDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardViolence, Mental Health, Substance Use: Testing a ModelMD
2003/09/012005/08/31Violence Prevention - Child MaltreatmentDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardPrimary Prevention of Child Sexual AbuseSC
2003/09/302006/09/29Violence Prevention - Intimate Partner ViolenceGrantPrevention of IPV: Victim Support Team EvaluationWA
2003/09/012006/08/31Violence Prevention - Intimate Partner ViolenceGrantSafety and Effectiveness of Computer Screening for IPVGA
2003/09/302007/09/29Violence Prevention - Intimate Partner ViolenceDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardPiloting a Family-Based Program for Preventing Adolescent Dating ViolenceNC
2003/09/302005/09/29Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceDoctoral Dissertation & New Investigator AwardReducing Violence/Victimization in Assaulted Urban YouthWI
2003/09/012006/08/31Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceGrantViolence Towards Peers, Dates, and Self: A Developmental FocusNC
2002/09/302005/09/29Injury Prevention - FallsCooperative AgreementAssessing Multifaceted Fall Prevention Strategies Among Community Dwelling AdultsWI
2002/09/302005/09/29Traumatic Brain InjuryGrantEpidemiology and Costs of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Nonhospitalized Patient PopulationsCA
2002/09/302007/09/29Violence Prevention - Child MaltreatmentCooperative AgreementMulti-Level Parent Training Effectiveness TrialSC
2002/09/302006/09/29Violence Prevention - Child MaltreatmentCooperative AgreementPromoting Involvement in Parenting Programs to Reduce Risk of Child Maltreatment: Engaging and Retaining Parents Who Are Not Asking for HelpIN
2002/09/302006/09/29Violence Prevention - Child MaltreatmentCooperative AgreementAlternatives for Families III: Retention EnhancementOK
Acute Injury CareGrantMeasuring Quality of Care Delivered in a Trauma SystemOR
Traumatic Brain InjuryGrantMeasuring Children’s Health Posttraumatic Brain InjuryMD
2001/09/302005/09/29Traumatic Brain InjuryGrantDepression After Mild to Moderate TBITX
2001/09/302004/09/29Violence Prevention - SuicideGrantSuicide Risk During Transition to Early AdulthoodWA
2001/9/302008/8/31Acute Injury CareGrantNeurophysiology of Whiplash Pain: Phase 1 & 2MI
Violence Prevention - Intimate Partner ViolenceCooperative AgreementEarly Intervention and Prevention Program for HIV-Positive IndividualsNY
Violence Prevention - Intimate Partner ViolenceCooperative AgreementAn Arts-Based Initiative for the Prevention of Violence against Women and GirlsMD
Violence Prevention - Intimate Partner ViolenceCooperative AgreementPrevention and Early Intervention for Intimate Partner Violence Among Latino YouthVA
Violence Prevention - Intimate Partner ViolenceCooperative AgreementDomestic Violence in Rural Health Care ClinicsTX
1999/09/302004/09/29Acute Injury CareGrantHealth-related Quality of Life in Trauma: A Supplement to NSCOTMD
Violence Prevention - Youth ViolenceCooperative AgreementMulti-Site Youth Violence Prevention Evaluation StudyVA, NC, GA, IL

Note: The period of performance is subject to change. This listing is not inclusive of all programs, activities, and research funded by CDC's National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (NCIPC).