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Our Focus Areas

Injury is a serious public health problem because of its potential impact on the health and well-being of all people.

The senior leadership of CDC's Injury Center has examined the current status of our work and has determined ways to optimize our impact. We have revisited the concept and identification of priority areas, as well as the specific topical areas where we focus our efforts. We considered what we need to do in order to be responsive to emerging trends and increasing injury burden while ensuring that we continue to support the translation and dissemination of proven and promising interventions and policies and use our resources wisely.

Rather than continuing to use the term “priority topics,” we will use “focus areas,” and have identified four areas for our current work toward the prevention of:

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Our intent is to be more flexible and nimble in responding to emerging concerns, as well as being able to address issues where promising practices and policies are ready for dissemination, implementation and further evaluation. The identification of these areas does not mean that we will eliminate work in other areas; rather, it gives us a way to prioritize resources and efforts when necessary.

While our work in these areas is far from complete, we are pleased that the evidence for what works has grown and the infrastructure to support the field’s work in these areas has been augmented. We will continue to work in these areas, as they are all critical issues affecting our nation’s children, families, and older adults.

The Injury Center will articulate strategies for advancing these focus areas, and we will continue to keep our partners and stakeholders apprised of our plans. The Injury Center is committed to working to ensure that we are investing every dollar with our mission in mind, so that we can increase our reach and impact.