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Injury Center Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs)

CE02-128 - Targeted Injury Prevention Programs

Initial Fiscal Year: 2002
Program: DIR
FOA Number: CE02-128
FOA Title: Targeted Injury Prevention Programs


The purpose of this program is to strengthen and support the capacity of state injury programs by awarding funds for targeted injury intervention activities to States which demonstrate an existing capacity to access and analyze current state injury data and to design, develop, and implement a targeted injury prevention program of high public health importance in the state.
The goal of this program is to support State public health agencies in developing their capacity to implement effective, comprehensive injury prevention programs, including both unintentional injury and violence prevention components.

Awarded Projects

Project Title: State of Washington Department of Health
Grant Number: U17/CCU022310-03
Project Period: 9/30/2002 - 10/31/2006

Project Title: Maine Injury Prevention Program
Grant Number: U17/CCU122311-03
Project Period: 9/30/2002 - 10/31/2006

Project Title: Virginia Department of Health
Grant Number: U17/CCU322313-03
Project Period: 9/30/2002 - 7/31/2006

Project Title: Michigan Department of Community Health
Grant Number: U17/CCU522312-03
Project Period: 9/30/2002 - 7/31/2006