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Current Immunization Schedules

PDF version of these guidelines for printing [PDF - 2 pages]

This table describes the immunization schedule for US-bound refugees, and includes vaccines given as part of the new CDC-PRM expanded immunization program in Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Thailand, Malaysia and Nepal (shaded boxes). As part of this program:

  • Refugees will receive up to 2-3 doses of a vaccine series based on time before departure. However, IOM will take previous vaccine history into account if reliable and available.
  • First doses of all vaccines are given at the overseas medical screening exam, approximately 2-6 months before departure for most refugees.
  • Most second doses of vaccine are given 2 months after the first dose.
  • Refugees who undergo repeated medical examinations overseas may receive additional doses of vaccine.
  • No routine live virus vaccines will be administered by IOM within 1 month prior to departure except in special outbreak settings. CDC will provide additional notification during these situations.
Immunization Schedules for U.S.-Bound Refugees administered by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Aug 2014 - Prepared by Immigrant, Refugee and Migrant Health Branch, Division of Global Migration and Quarantine, CDC
Region/CountryVaccines Given to Eligible Refugees in All Listed CountriesComments
Ethiopia1 (started Nov 2013)

Kenya2 (started Sept 2013)

Malaysia3 (started Sept 2013)

Nepal4 (started Dec 2012)

Thailand5 (started Dec 2012)

Uganda6 (started Aug 25 2014)
Birth-adultHepB x2*General

IOM will attempt to complete the series of each vaccine shown in the previous column if time permits

Polio vaccine
  • tOPV (virus types 1, 2, 3) is used in all countries except Malaysia (where IPV is used), and counts towards U.S. polio vaccine requirements.
  • When IPV becomes available for older children in Malaysia, it will be administered for children up to 11 years of age. IPV counts towards U.S. polio vaccine requirements.
MMR vaccine
  • Administration of 2 doses of MMR began in March 2011 in Kenya, Sept. 2011 in Malaysia, and January 2013 in Ethiopia.
  • In Malaysia, from Sept 2011 to Feb 2013, children 6-11 mos received 1 dose of MMR as part of a measles outbreak response.
Hep B Vaccine
  • Testing for hepatitis B virus infection (HbsAg) prior to vaccination began in Thailand and Nepal from Jan 2014 and in Malaysia starting July 2014. All refugees negative for HbsAg receive Hep B vaccination.
PCV-13 vaccine
  • When available, PCV-13 will be given to children 6 wks -<5 yrs of age. A second dose will be given to children up to age 2 yrs. One dose of PCV-13 will also be given to all immunocompromised persons regardless of age.
Hib vaccine
  • One dose of Hib vaccine will be given to unimmunized asplenic persons regardless of age and to unimmunized HIV positive patients up to age 18.
6 wks-<5 yrsHib (x2 if <15 mos; x1 if 15 mos-5 yrs)*
6 wks-<7 yrsDTP8 x2 (2nd dose in urban refugees only)*
6 wks-<11 yrstOPV x2 doses, ex. Malaysia**
7 yrs-adultTd x1
≥1 yr-born ≥ 1957MMR x2
*6 wks-<5 yrsPentavalent
(containing DTP, Hib, HepB) x2
(2nd dose in urban refugees only); see individual vaccine components for specific details
**6 wks-<5 yrs in MalaysiaIPV x2 given as part of hexavalent vaccine containing DTP+IPV+Hib+HepB in Malaysia. OPV and standalone IPV are not available at this time.
Tanzania≥ 1yr-born - ≥ 1957MMR x1One dose of MMR is administered at time of initial health assessment (approximately 2-6 months before arrival in U.S.)
6 wks-10 yrstOPV x1tOPV administration started in January 2014 for both countries

1 Principal refugee groups resettling from Ethiopia include Eritreans (Shimelba camp); Somalis (Kebribeya camp); Multiple (Addis Ababa)

2 Principal refugee groups resettling from Kenya include Somalis (Dadaab camps); Somalis, Sudanese, Congolese (Kakuma camp); Multiple (Nairobi)

3 Principal refugee group resettling from Malaysia is Burmese (multiple ethnicities, primarily Chin)

4 Principal refugee group resettling from Nepal is Bhutanese

5 Principal refugee group resettling from Thailand is Burmese (multiple ethnicities, primarily Karen)

6 Principal refugee groups resettling from Uganda include Congolese and Somalis

7 MMR = measles, mumps, rubella; bOPV = bivalent (types 1 and 2) oral polio vaccine; tOPV = trivalent ( types 1, 2 and 3) Hep B = hepatitis b; DTP = diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis; Hib = Haemophilus influenzae type b

8 Dose #2 DTP will be given to children 15 mos-7 yrs residing in urban areas only. Children residing in refugees camps often receive DTP as part of routine vaccination by the camp health care provider. As part of the resettlement vaccination program, these children will receive only 1 dose of DTP or pentavalent (DTP-Hib-HepB) from IOM in order to reduce the risk of adverse local reactions due to over-vaccination with DTP. The U.S. Government's Official Web PortalDepartment of Health and Human Services
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