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Prevention Among Injection Drug Users
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Archival Content: 1999-2005

HIV Prevention Among Drug Users:
A Resource Book for Community Planners & Program Managers

Part 4: Public Policy Issues

Long-standing conflicts in society's attitudes and beliefs related to drug use and sexual behavior heavily influence the policy and program environment in which HIV prevention programs are delivered. During the 20th century, government's dominant approach to drug use has been one of reducing access through interdiction and incarceration. In developing HIV prevention efforts, planners and program managers must balance the need for programs that are effective in reducing the spread of HIV with initiatives that are tolerated and supported by the community at large, that provide for confidentiality, and that conform to federal, state, and local regulations and practices.

PART 4 of the HPDU Resource Book is intended to help prevention planners and program managers appreciate the complexity of the policy debates surrounding HIV prevention for drug users and their sex partners by highlighting some of the issues that they may face in their communities. Specifically, PART 4 will help HIV prevention planners and program managers increase their knowledge of:

  • the impact of community attitudes and beliefs on the design and delivery of HIV prevention programs for drug users and their sex partners
  • the influence of laws, regulations, and practices on HIV prevention efforts
  • how agency policies and practices influence the nature of HIV prevention among drug users within a community
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