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Booth Construction

Exposed or unfinished sides and/or exhibit backgrounds (including ends of pop-up displays) must be draped to present an attractive appearance. If such draping is not ordered, the official general service contractor, at the direction of the ICEID Show Management, will install it at the exhibitor’s expense. If an exhibitor’s booth construction is considered unsafe by Show Management or its agents, the exhibitor will be required to correct the construction issues or the booth will not be permitted to open.

Show colors
Existing carpet is multicolored; drapes will be blue and gold, and side rails will be blue.

Crate/booth storage
Nothing may be stored behind booths. All packing containers, carrying cases, etc., must be stored off the exhibit floor. ICEID and the Hyatt Regency Atlanta will inspect all exhibits to ensure compliance. Accessible storage may be arranged through Champion Exposition Services.Disclaimer

In-line booths
Each booth will have an 8-foot-high (approximately 2.4 meters) draped back wall and 36-inch-high (approximately 0.9 meters) draped side rails. In-line booths may not exceed 8 feet (approximately 2.4 meters) in height, including signs. No solid exhibit construction will be permitted to exceed 42 inches (3.5 feet or approximately 1.1 meters) in the front 5 feet (approximately 1.5 meters) of the booth.

Installation and dismantling

Exhibit space will not be released to the exhibitor for installation until all conditions as set forth in this prospectus are met. Champion will perform installation and dismantling for all exhibits unless the exhibitor has requested, and Show Management has approved, the use of an independent contractor on or before February 15, 2002.

No one will be admitted to the hall for booth installation before 7:00 AM on Sunday, March 24. All installation of exhibits and crate removal must be completed by 11:00 AM on Sunday, March 24, for final cleaning before the 12 noon opening. Show Management will direct the service contractor to complete installation for any exhibit not set by the published time and the exhibitor will be billed for the labor.

Hours of installation are:
Sunday, March 24, 7:00 AM -12:00 noon

The official closing time of exhibits is Tuesday, March 26, at 2:00 PM. No packing of equipment or literature, or dismantling of exhibits will be permitted until this time. All displays must be dismantled, crated, and ready for removal by 5:00 PM.

Official contractors
The Official General Service Contractor for the ICEID is Champion Exposition Services.Disclaimer

ICEID will appoint additional official contractors on an exclusive basis for other exhibit services, including but not limited to audiovisual, security, plants and floral, photography, etc., and the Exhibitor Service Manual will include forms for their services. Exhibitors and/or their independent contractors must use ICEID-appointed vendors for these services. Official contractors are monitored, and Show Management will intercede if the quality of material or service are questioned by an exhibitor.

Exhibitor Service Center
Champion, the official ICEID general contractor, will operate a Service Center that will be open through installation, show, and dismantling hours. Specialty contractors will be available through the desk during those times.

Exhibitor Service Manual
An Exhibitor Service Manual will be mailed to all confirmed exhibitors. Each service form is self explanatory. Advance ordering of all required items is greatly to your advantage. Advance prepaid orders for rental furniture, decorations, floor covering, and specialty items are discounted. To ensure an adequate labor force, appropriate equipment supply, and a smooth setup, please complete and return all forms in advance. The service manual will include forms for all necessary services.



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