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Addendum to the Frequently Asked Questions
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  1. Why is there no suggested length for the following sections: D. Staffing (page 56) and B. Staffing (page 63) in the PS10-10138 Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA)?
  2. When will the notice of award be sent out?
  3. Will the total scoring be affected by an applicant’s choice of optional activities?
  4. Is an Assurance of Compliance Form required for this grant?
  5. Under Program Plan, do we have to describe all the venues that will be funded or is it possible to just describe the types of venues and their number? If several venues are being funded, it may not be feasible to describe all of them within the page limit specified in the Program Plan.
  6. Under the staffing management plan do we describe the health department staffing plan or the staff of all the agencies we fund?


  1. Do we need to attach signed Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with our applications? If MOUs are unavailable at the time of application submission, what other documents (e.g. current contracts, letters of intent or description in narrative) can be provided?
  2. Regarding the Bona Fide Agent requirement in CDC-RFA-PS10-10138 – Expanded HIV Testing for Disproportionately Affected Populations: If a local government (that is, a directly funded city or county government) is eligible to submit a proposal, does it need to submit a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for a Bona Fide Agent?


  1. Under the current expanded testing program, PS07-768, CDC allowed for abbreviated data collection for patients testing in routine screening environments in health-care settings (see attached). Will these abbreviated variables still apply for routine screening activities under PS10-10138?


  1. Can a local health department apply to CDC directly for funds or will it receive funds from the state if the state receives the new grant?
  2. Clarify the eligibility requirement of 175 estimated combined AIDS diagnoses.

FOA Activities

  1. Define health-care and non-health-care settings as they apply to this FOA.
  2. How should a jurisdiction select and prioritize different health-care settings for implementing routine HIV testing?
  3. Can funding from this FOA be used to expand testing among community-based organizations (CBOs)?
  4. How can a jurisdiction set up accountability procedures for out-of jurisdiction testers and linkage to care?


  1. How did CDC determine the floor and the ceiling amounts of individual jurisdictions? Can jurisdictions request more than their respective ceiling amounts?

Monitoring and Evaluation

  1. How should CTR activities under this FOA be differentiated from CTR activities that are being provided under existing cooperative agreements?
  2. Explain how the CDC cost per test can be used to determine funding objectives. Does this take into account all the related activities of testing e.g. counseling, linkage to care, PN, bundled testing services for other STDs, TB and hepatitis, etc as well as regional differences and cost of living?
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