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Information for Patients

  • How are health care providers and patients chosen?
    Providers and patients are chosen using scientific methods, without names or other identifying information. Each year, selected HIV care providers and patients are invited to participate. Your provider's participation is needed first. You can help by making sure your doctor knows about the project and by encouraging him/her to participate if asked by the state or local health department. You can also become involved through your local Community Advisory Board (CAB).
  • If I am selected as a patient, what will I be asked to do?
    If selected, you will be asked to participate in an interview and answer questions related to your HIV and the care you receive. You are encouraged to participate if selected. This is your chance to share your experiences, and this is important because your experience matters! If you are not selected, you will have a chance of being selected in future years of the project.
  • Can I decline or withdraw from participating?
    Yes, patients may decline or change their minds about participating at any time. However, patients selected represent other patients in care, so your participation is important. Your participation will improve the chances of collecting information that truly represents the experiences of patients in HIV care in your area.
  • Will I be compensated for my time?
    Yes, there will be compensation for patients who participate.
  • Is the information collected kept confidential?
    Yes, all information collected will be kept confidential including health care facility, health care provider, and patient names. Facility, provider, and patient names are NOT sent to CDC and will NOT be used in any reports.
  • Which areas are participating in MMP?
    The following areas are participating: California; Chicago, IL; Delaware; Florida; Georgia; Houston, TX; Illinois; Indiana; Los Angeles, CA; Michigan; Mississippi; New Jersey; New York City, NY; New York State; North Carolina; Oregon; Pennsylvania; Philadelphia, PA; Puerto Rico; San Francisco, CA; Texas; Virginia; and Washington State.
  • Who will be conducting MMP in the local areas?
    State and local health department staff will conduct all data collection activities.
  • Where can I learn more about MMP?
    You can contact your state or local health department for more information about MMP.

Community Advisory Board (CAB)

A national community advisory board (CAB) made up of local community members from each project area serves as a link between MMP staff and patients who participate in MMP. The CAB includes a diverse group of individuals who are concerned about the wellbeing of people living with HIV/AIDS and the care and services they receive. As community advocates, CAB members convey the patient’s perspective to local and national MMP staff. CAB members work with their local health department to ensure that every aspect of MMP is respectful of patients’ rights and protective of patients’ privacy. CAB members also consult on data collection instruments and project methods to make sure that important public health questions are answered by MMP. In addition, CAB members can communicate with potential participants to stress the importance of MMP to public health and its potential to improve services for people living with HIV/AIDS, as well as acting as a local resource for potential participants. For more information, contact local MMP staff in your area.