Figure 1. The continuum of engagement in HIV medical care

This is a text description of Figure 1, titled ‘Continuum of engagement in HIV medical care’.  This diagram consists of a shaded blue arrow that extends from a box on the left and points toward a box on the right. The box on the left is labeled ‘Unaware of HIV status; not tested; or never received results’.  The box on the right is labeled ‘In long-term, continuous HIV medical care’.  The body of the arrow has three labels that describe major steps that can take place once a person is aware that he or she is HIV infected: from left to right it reads linkage to care, retention in care, and re-engagement in care.  Labels above the arrow describe activities related to each step, while labels below the arrow describe the HIV care status of the person at each step.  Together, the arrow and labels graphically describe the continuum of engagement in HIV medical care from the point when an HIV-infected person is unaware of their HIV infection, is tested and notified of his or her infection, initiates HIV medical care, remains in care, has lapses in care, and re-engages in care.