This diagram has three concentric circles that illustrate the various facets of HIV prevention with adults and adolescents with HIV.  The innermost circle is labeled HIV Prevention with Adults and Adolescents with HIV, and presents the program that delivers services.  The innermost circle is surrounded by a ring that is labeled context. This ring indicates the prevention environment for persons with HIV including social issues, ethics, programs, laws, and policy. Outside this ring is an outer ring that is divided into 10 sections. Each section has a different color and is labeled with a different service that should be provided to persons with HIV. The position of the sections in this ring is random and does not indicate level of importance. These sections are labeled:
	Linkage to and Retention in HIV Care
	Risk Screening and Risk Reduction
	Antiretroviral Treatment to Prevent HIV Transmission
	Antiretroviral Medical Adherence
	Partner Services
	STD Services
	Reproductive Health Care
	Pregnancy-Related Services
	Other Medical and Social Services
	Quality Improvement, Monitoring and Evaluation
The circle and rings depicts interconnections between the prevention environment and services for persons with HIV.  The colors do not have any meaning and are used for design purposes only.