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Organizations Funded Under CDC's New Awards for 12-1201

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has begun awarding a total of nearly $339 million (Categories A & B only) to state and local health departments for HIV prevention. The awards are part of CDC's new high-impact approach for HIV prevention, and will match resources with the geographic regions most impacted by HIV. Funds were awarded to health departments in all 50 states, eight cities with heavy HIV burden, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and the six Pacific Island jurisdictions.

The large majority of funding (Category A) will support health departments' core HIV prevention programs. The new method for allocating resources incorporates a minimum funding level, to ensure that all jurisdictions, regardless of HIV burden, can continue to provide basic HIV prevention services. Funding shifts for all jurisdictions—both increases and decreases—will be phased in over five years, to allow health departments time to adjust strategies and infrastructure as necessary.

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List of Category C Awardees

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Legend of Categories

Category A: 2012 Funding Amounts
All health departments received funding under Category A to conduct essential HIV prevention activities. For the first time, health departments are required to direct at least 75 percent of CDC funds in this category to four key areas: HIV testing; comprehensive prevention services for HIV‐positive individuals and their partners; condom distribution; and efforts to align policies to optimize HIV prevention, care and treatment – such as efforts to eliminate external barriers to routine opt‐out testing.

Category B: 2012 Funding Amounts
Under Category B, 24 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and eight cities with large numbers of African‐Americans and Latinos living with HIV received additional funding to expand access to HIV testing services, primarily in healthcare settings, for these populations and others heavily affected by HIV.

Category C: 2012 Funding Amounts
CDC will award an additional $20 million to health departments by March 2012 as part of this funding cycle to implement innovative HIV prevention demonstration projects. This will bring the total annual amount disbursed (under all three categories) to nearly $359 million.

Please note: Award information includes 2012 funding amounts only. Funding changes for allocating core HIV prevention resources to better match the geographic burden of the U.S. HIV epidemic will be implemented gradually over a five‐year period and will be completed by 2016.

PS12-1201 Health Departments State Category Category A Funding Amounts Category B Funding Amounts Total Catagories A & B Funding Amounts
Alabama Dept. of Health AL A&B $2,568,926 $739,809 $3,308,735
Alaska Depart of Health AK A $1,079,075   $1,079,075
American Samoa Dept. of Health AS A $196,200   $196,200
Arizona Dept. of Health Services AZ A&B $3,271,314 $447,053 $3,718,367
Arkansas Depart of Health AR A $1,675,688   $1,675,688
Baltimore MD MD A&B $1,774,725 $1,338,722 $3,113,447
California Dept. of Public Health CA A&B $14,492,501 $2,344,834 $16,837,335
Chicago DOH IL A&B $6,600,920 $1,548,410 $8,149,330
Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment CO A&B $3,887,899 $360,810 $4,248,709
Connecticut Department of Public Health CT A&B $4,754,125 $711,026 $5,465,151
County of Los Angeles CA A&B $12,533,080 $2,458,470 $14,991,550
Delaware Executive Office of the Governor DE A $1,408,236   $1,408,236
District of Columbia Gov. DC A&B $5,232,744 $1,258,446 $6,491,190
Florida Dept. of Health FL A&B $22,070,936 $6,690,171 $28,761,107
FSM Dept. of Health and Social Affairs FM A $223,600   $223,600
Fulton County GA A&B $2,807,760 $1,714,915 $4,522,675
Georgia Dept. of Public Health GA A&B $5,999,551 $923,745 $6,923,296
Government of Guam Dept. of Administration GU A $374,800   $374,800
Hawaii Department of Health HI A $1,513,335   $1,513,335
Houston DOH TX A&B $5,605,451 $1,523,062 $7,128,513
Idaho Dept. of Health and Welfare ID A $823,356   $823,356
Illinois Dept. of Public Health IL A&B $3,041,641 $680,223 $3,721,864
Indiana Department of Health IN A&B $2,565,652 $361,880 $2,927,532
Iowa Department of Health IA A $1,226,148   $1,226,148
Kansas Department of Health and Environment KS A $1,303,084   $1,303,084
Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services KY A $1,668,795   $1,668,795
Louisiana Dept. of Health and Hospitals LA A&B $5,183,624 $1,235,869 $6,419,493
Maine Dept. of Health and Human Services ME A $1,215,924   $1,215,924
Maryland Dept. of Health Mental Hygiene MD A&B $7,649,836 $1,153,988 $8,803,824
Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health MA A&B $6,563,884 $796,734 $7,360,618
Michigan Dept. of Community Health MI A&B $5,379,339 $929,523 $6,308,862
Ministry of Health in the Republic of the Marshall Islands MH A $159,300   $159,300
Minnesota DOH MN A $2,551,719   $2,551,719
Mississippi State Dept. of Health MS A&B $2,180,299 $641,154 $2,821,453
Missouri Dept. of Health and Senior Services MO A&B $3,657,528 $566,146 $4,223,674
Montana Dept. of Public Health and Human Services MT A $1,005,604   $1,005,604
Nebraska Dept. of Health and Human Services NE A $1,014,644   $1,014,644
Nevada Dept. of Health and Human Services NV A $2,457,325   $2,457,325
New Hampshire Dept. of Health and Human Services NH A $1,199,086   $1,199,086
New Jersey Dept. of Health and Senior Services NJ A&B $12,238,767 $2,822,918 $15,061,685
New Mexico Dept. of Health NM A $1,686,287   $1,686,287
New York City NY A&B $23,667,000 $8,692,386 $32,359,386
New York State Department of Health NY A&B $20,696,300 $1,574,957 $22,271,257
North Carolina Dept. of Health and Human Services NC A&B $5,084,082 $1,748,086 $6,832,168
North Dakota Dept. of Health ND A $711,602   $711,602
Northern Mariana Islands Dept. of Public Health MP A $264,500   $264,500
Ohio Dept. of Health OH A&B $5,235,214 $825,090 $6,060,304
Oklahoma State Health Dept. OK A $1,962,258   $1,962,258
Oregon Dept. of Human Services OR A $2,273,657   $2,273,657
Palau Ministry of Health PW A $239,800   $239,800
Pennsylvania Dept. of Health PA A&B $4,842,295 $670,329 $5,512,624
Philadelphia DPH/AACO PA A&B $5,790,495 $1,503,623 $7,294,118
Puerto Rico Health Dept. PR A&B $4,012,830 $1,911,049 $5,923,879
Rhode Island Dept of Health RI A $1,220,980   $1,220,980
San Francisco CA A&B $7,125,622 $544,210 $7,669,832
South Carolina Dept of Health and Environmental Control SC A&B $4,418,446 $1,111,426 $5,529,872
South Dakota Dept. of Health SD A $673,538   $673,538
Tennessee Dept. of Health TN A&B $4,112,028 $938,939 $5,050,967
Texas Dept. of State Health Services TX A&B $13,179,407 $2,647,435 $15,826,842
Utah Dept. of Health UT A $912,465   $912,465
Vermont Dept. of Human Services VT A $1,100,046   $1,100,046
Virgin Islands Dept. of Health Group VI A $631,142   $631,142
Virginia Dept. of Health VA A&B $5,330,542 $1,414,562 $6,745,104
Washington State Dept. of Health WA A $3,484,980   $3,484,980
West Virginia Dept. of Health and Human Services WV A $1,251,968   $1,251,968
Wisconsin Dept. of Health Services WI A $2,167,772   $2,167,772
Wyoming Dept. of Health WY A $768,723   $768,723
TOTAL FUNDING     $284,000,400 $ 54,830,000 $338,830,400

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