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Application Review Information
Criteria for Application Review
Notice of Award (NoA)

Application Review Information

Please be advised, all eligible applications will be initially reviewed for completeness by the Procurement and Grants Office (PGO) staff.  In addition, eligible applications will be jointly reviewed for responsiveness by the Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention (DHAP), NCHHSTP and PGO. Incomplete applications and applications that are non-responsive to the eligibility criteria will not advance through the review process.  Applicants will be notified the application did not meet eligibility and/or published submission requirements.

Next, your application will advance through the review process in two steps.

Step One:  An objective review panel will evaluate complete and responsive applications according to the criteria listed in Section VI. Application Review Information, subsection entitled "Evaluation Criteria".  The applications will be evaluated by an independent external review panel assigned by CDC, known as a Special Emphasis Panel (SEP). The panel will assign the application a score using evaluation criteria as specified in Section V. Application Review Information. The score will be based on the applicant's responses to the questions in Section IV. Application and Submission Information starting with A. Justification of Need. For HIV Prevention Programs, applicants can receive a maximum of 1000 points. Applicants will be selected to receive a pre-decisional site visit (PDSV) based on scores and application of the funding preferences included in the FOA.

Step Two: The next step of the review process is conducted during a pre-decisional site visit. For HIV Prevention Program proposals, applicants can receive a maximum PDSV score of 550 points.  If the HIV Prevention Program proposal fails to score at least 400 points during the PDSV, the applicant will not be considered for funding. Applicants applying for funding will be selected to receive a PDSV based on scores, geographic location, CDC's funding preferences, and populations proposed to be targeted.


Applications will be funded in order by score and rank determined by the review panel.
In addition, the following factors may affect the funding decision: 1) Pre-decisional Site Visit (PDSV); and 2) CDC's funding preferences, ensuring:

  • Funded applicants are balanced in terms of targeted racial or ethnic minority groups. (The number of funded applicants serving each racial or ethnic minority group may be adjusted based on the burden of infection in that group as measured by HIV or AIDS reporting.)
  • Underserved minority populations, such as Native American populations, receive services.
  • Funded applicants are balanced in terms of targeted risk behaviors and HIV serostatus. (The number of funded applicants serving each risk group may be adjusted based on the burden of infection in that group as measured by HIV or AIDS reporting.)
  • Funded applicants are balanced in terms of geographic distribution. (The number of funded applicants may be adjusted based on the burden of infection in the jurisdiction as measured by HIV or AIDS reporting.)
  • Funded organizations have extensive experience (at least 24 months for Category A and/or B) serving the proposed target population. This will include YMSM of color and/or YTG persons of color (ages 13 to 29) and their partners of regardless of age, gender, and race/ethnicity.

CDC will provide justification for any decision to fund out of rank order.

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Criteria for Step One: Application Review

HIV Prevention Programs (maximum available points = 1000)

    1. Justification of Need (50 points)
    2. Applicant Infrastructure, Experience, and Capacity (100 points)
    3. Program Description
      • General (50 points)
      • Risk Reduction Interventions and Strategies [800 points (average of intervention and service totals)]
        • Program Promotion and Client Recruitment (200 points)
        • Enhanced HIV Testing (200 points)
        • Effective Behavioral Interventions (EBI) or Existing, Locally-Developed, Theory-Based Intervention (200 points)
        • Condom Distribution (30 points)
        • Coordinated Referral Network, Service Intergration and Tracking System (70 points)
        • Records Maintenance and Data Management (50 Points)
        • Coordination and Collaboration with the State and Local Health Department and Community Planning Group (50 Points)
        • Capacity Building (Reviewed, but not scored
    4. Budget (SF 424A) and Budget Narrative (reviewed, but not scored)

Criteria for Step Two: Pre-Decisional Site Visit (PDSV)

1.   HIV Prevention Program (Maximum Total Score: 550 points)

A. Proposed Program (100 points)

The purpose of this section is to assess the applicant's ability to effectively implement the proposed HIV prevention interventions. The score will be based on:

  • The applicant's implementation of CDC protocols and procedures, including those for behavioral interventions and HIV testing. (50 points)
    • How the applicant's target population reflects the priorities and needs identified in the jurisdiction's comprehensive HIV prevention plan. (50 points)

B. Programmatic Infrastructure (250 points)

The purpose of this section is to assess the applicant's experience with and ability to identify and address the needs of the proposed target population. This section will also assess the applicant's ability to effectively and efficiently implement the proposed activities. The score will be based on the applicant's:

  • Applicant structure and planned collaborations. (25 points)
  • Experience in developing and implementing effective and efficient HIV prevention interventions and services. Specific elements considered as part of the assessment include, but are not limited to, length of service, outcomes of the services, and the applicant's overall relationship with the community. (100 points)
  • Experience with governmental and non-governmental applicants, including other national agencies or applicants, state and local health departments, CPGs, and state and local nongovernmental applicants that provide HIV prevention services. (25 points)
  • Ability to secure meaningful input and representation from members of the target population. (25 points)
  • Ability to provide culturally competent and appropriate services that respond effectively to the characteristics of the target population (such as cultural, gender, sexual orientation, HIV serostatus, race/ethnicity, age, environmental, social, and linguistic characteristics). (25 points)
  • Ability to adequately staff the applicant's program. (25 points)
  • Ability to collect, manage, store, and report process data on services provided and use them to plan future interventions and improve available services. (25 points)

C. Applicant Infrastructure (200 points)

The purpose of this section is to assess the applicant's ability to effectively and efficiently sustain the proposed program. The score will be based on the applicant's:

  • Applicant bylaws, mission, and vision. (35 points)
  • Composition, role, experience, and involvement of the board of directors in administering the agency. (35 points)
  • Current fiscal management capacity. (50 points)
  • Personnel process and procedures. (35 points)
  • Applicant protocols and procedures, e.g., security, confidentiality, and grievances. (25 points)
  • Applicant capacity for fundraising. (20 points)

In conjunction with the Pre-Decisional Site Visit, CDC's PGO will conduct a Recipient Capability Assessment (RCA). The purpose is to evaluate your Organization's ability to manage CDC funds. Either PGO staff or another selected agency will conduct this assessment.

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Notice of Award (NoA)

Successful applicants will receive a Notice of Award (NoA) from the CDC Procurement and Grants Office. The NoA shall be the only binding, authorizing document between the recipient and CDC.  The NoA will be signed by an authorized Grants Management Officer and emailed to the program director, and a hard copy mailed to the recipient fiscal officer identified in the application.

Any application awarded in response to this FOA will be subject to the DUNS, CCR Registration and Transparency Act requirements.

Unsuccessful applicants will receive notification of the results of the application review by mail.

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