Step 4: Conduct data entry validation procedures

Once you have entered the data using established codes or values, it needs to be validated for accuracy. Data cleaning is the process of reviewing the data and preparing it for analysis by correcting erroneous data entry. After the data are cleaned, you are ready to begin data analysis. 

Working with Excel spreadsheets. After you have entered all of your data, there are other steps that can be taken to ensure accurate data entry. The worksheets should first be examined visually to ensure that there are no odd or unusual entries.  

If you are collecting data from numerous sources or school districts and the number of forms you have collected is limited, you can review each form and compare the data in the database to the responses in the forms. By working in pairs, one person can read the data out loud, while the other checks the codes on the screen to make the process more efficient.

If you have input a large amount of data, you can select a random sample of 5 or 10% of the data forms to review. If multiple people entered the data, you may want to check a sample of each one’s work.

Working with Training Tracker. Training Tracker automatically has a few checks to verify the consistency of the data that you have inputted, and you will receive a pop-up message if there is an error.